Simon Says

22 February 2012

While giving Julia step by step instructions on how to change Sebastian's putrid diaper, Simon said, 
"let's practice saying,  'bowel movement' " 

On a particularly moody day on the part of Sebastian, a perplexed Simon said, 
"I think he might be expecting a visit from Aunt Flo."

In response to my inquiry as to why the dining room smelled so rotten, Simon defensively said, 
"what you're smelling is the memory of the five nasty diapers I changed today."

While watching Lord Grantham's sister's maid get caught 'in the act' on Downton Abbey, Simon said, 

Two nights in a row Simon came home from work and greeted me with,
 "why are you in a good mood? It's weird."

 and Simon voluntarily did this ...
a touching hand heart accompanied by a forehead kiss.



  1. I think these might be my favorite posts of yours. Hilarious.

  2. I agree with Kayla. These are my favorite.

  3. "strumpet!!!" ...I almost spit burrito everywhere...because I'm both sad and eating dinner at the computer, while I hide from the kids throwing their dinner everywhere.

  4. hilarious. also, don't mind me whilst i creep on your blog.


    mmmk. now i'm convinced we should be friends. you know, since i know you so well and all. okay. time to go before i totally weird you out and before my child gets screamy from her lack of crackers.

  5. Ahh, it's the little things in life. Cute post - makes me so excited for my little guy to two weeks or so!


  7. wait.........lord grantham's sister's maid is who? please email me pronto.



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