10 February 2012

 we were (obviously) having a modest (dress) family contest

It was a tough call but I think first place goes to Sebastian's thorax. Julia managed to bring home silver .. as that sliver of belly cost her the gold. Grace received an honorable mention for her faux hairbowl and non-awkward right hand placement and Simon came in dead last for being empty handed.
I believe this is our second family photo captured since Sebastian's arrival ... good thing it caught everyone's brightest sides.

And unrelated but (always) shareworthy: Julia is suffering through her first nonvomity illness (a small cold which may as well be the plague) which has turned her into a certifiable goop and our perfect driveway obsessed neighbors seem to have hired a 24/7 jackhammering crew to make sleep super attainable and pleasant. 

Happy Friday morning.


  1. Grace, you must share with me your secret for svelte and non sausagey arms- or is it just all the holding both offspring solo style

  2. "Empty handed"? Psssssshhht. I don't believe it. I bet you a million dollars that Simon is grabbing someone's butt.

  3. I second what Cari said. Boys, can't keep their hands to themselves.

    And girl, your biceps, I bet they're not too shabby looking these days, small people look deceptively... small. Till you've been carrying them for nine million years.

  4. Your photo analysis is hilarious! The 505 is snickering!

  5. Little Julia looks like she is about to smack at Sebastian's head :) I love the photo though. Your family is so freakin' cute.

    I gave you a little shout out on my "Cute Blog Award" post:
    Cue: Awkward half-ass break dancing moves to celebrate.

  6. ha-this shot is fantastic. wish i was at the beach!!!!!!!!!



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