06 February 2012

rain go away. Sebastian wants to play ... in his (ankle length) swim pants.

While we wait for the tropical storm to pass (because it will definitely be passing) we had the pleasure of listening to Julia revisit the always delightful cry it out ropes. Which at her age is really blood curdling scream it out of course. I would feel bad for the Canadians that were subjected to the scream soundtrack in the room to our right but they were up carousing over their box of White Zin into the wee hours of the nigh. Payback is a beach.

Also postworthy ..

Julia was relegated to a remedial corner yesterday at the hotel's continental breakfast.  A 14 month old female with long and curly pigtails not only showed off her ability to correctly and efficiently use a fork to eat ... making us feel like barbarians for condoning Julia's use of her hands to eat ... but also signaled that she needed to 'use the restroom' to her mother. The proud mom whisked pigtails off to the bathroom while the dad explained to our furrowed brows and gaping mouths that they were 'thinking about a second child and couldn't imagine having two in diapers'. Same here.

On a serious family mission to hunt and gather a 'healthy meal' after eating all of Julia's travel bribery food (fruit snacks, generic licorice that was gross but I still devoured, peanut butter crackers, and a lot more fruit snacks) all day .. somehow we managed to return to the hotel last night (twice .. the first time after I directed Simon to the green dot on my phone which marked our point of origin .. the hotel parking lot .. I found it slightly more comical than our driver did) with a package of peanut butter Oreos and Wendy's. At least the cola was diet and the fries were freshly cut ... basically guiltless.


  1. i can't tell you how much i love those french fries. AND the spicey chicken nuggets. sinffffffful!

  2. Glad you guys are having so much fun! My boy is throwing similar tantrum and prompting me to put an add out for a nice little boy who needs to be adopted...

  3. I *love* real time travel blogs. I hope your vacation lasts another 4 weeks!

  4. So glad you all get a vacay...and pigtails story made my day. 14 months? Try 36 or so....;)

  5. So lame about the rain. I felt bad for y'all this morning. It's looking brighter out here though, so hopefully the weather has cleared up by the beach!

  6. Cute swim trunks!
    I'm chuckling at the 14-month-old princess. We're thinking a lot about baby number two. Like, maybe we'll have baby number 2 next month, but 2 1/2-year-old big brother is nowhere near being potty trained.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  7. I agree with Anna, I think they lie...



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