Simon Says

14 February 2012

 Simon and a hairy Julia 
(a balmy) Valentines Day 2011

Regarding Sebastian's frequent, short, and annoying nighttime/early morning wake ups/freak outs Simon said,
 "he's going to ruin our lives with his hourly need for two sips of diva juice."

Also regarding a particularly annoying middle of the night freak out on the part of Sebastian, Simon said, 
"I'm pretty sure he's on cocaine."

When trying to figure out how to correctly order a Venti Soy Chai latte for our babysitter (we've stooped to the bribery level so that she continues to come herd our unruly calves) Simon asked, 
"how do you say it? bentay?!"

While watching the most recent zillion minute, action-packed episode of Downton Abbey and during a particular bedroom scene with Mr. Bates and Anna (formely known as Smith) Bates, 
"No. Is PBS going to show a Rumpus?!"

And later, during an affectionate scene with the maid and Lord Grantham, Simon said, 
"Stop it. Awkward Abbey."

On our way back from Florida after spending 85% of every rainy day in our hotel room Simon said, 
"it will be really nice to get home and not be within 10 feet of the kids at any given moment."

After I explained the plot of "The Vow", Simon said,
" ... "
(nothing and changed the subject)


  1. This is my favorite Simon Says ever!

    By the way, I just caught up on Downton Abbey last night...CARAZYYYY!

  2. "Awkward Abbey"...LMAO That's exactly what it is, right now. This was definitely a fantastic Simon Says. The "diva juice" comment made me laugh out loud.

  3. awkward abbey i love ittttttttttttttttt! i haven't finished the most recent episode-now i'm on pins and needles!!!!!!!!!

    ps i plan to post today. promise.

  4. Downton had fiiiiinally clinched the male viewership...and then perhaps squandered it with a near booty shot of Bates. Fail. (But overall an amazing episode, even if I was too cracked out on Brit angst to fall asleep afterwards.

  5. I covered the screen like a 6 year old during the grantham-maid scenes. Please say that's over with!

  6. I covered the screen like a 6 year old during the grantham-maid scenes. Please say that's over with!

  7. I love that you get lattes for your babysitter. Bribery or not, I'm sure she thinks it's very thoughtful! :)

  8. I'm dying. DYING. Especially the Downton Ruckus comment. Oh Simon...

    Happy Valentines to you, chickadee.

  9. What is this "Downtown Abby" thing? Is it a tv show? Can I see it on Netflix? What's going on here?

    Oh well, I got my Simon Says fix, so it's all good.

  10. this is the best! i can see my husband saying something similar to Simon regarding the obnoxious nighttime freak out sessions

  11. I love these freakin' post. Simon is so funny. Just like his wife :)

  12. Ha ha! We are watching Downton a week behind everyone else so we dont have to stay up until 10:00, (they show the previous week's episode an hour earlier) so now I have to look forward to the awkward / steamy moments you've mentioned!

  13. Oh my goodness! This post cracked me up! Especially the Downton Abbey parts after our emails today! I laughed out loud at work while reading it and I'm sure the literacy teacher was wondering what in the world I was laughing at!

  14. does simon know that The Vow is based on a real life couple from New Mexico? That will change his mind and win his heart. hahaah.

  15. We've never met before (friend of Ann Patton's - used to work at Blessed Sacrament) - but I think our husbands would be friends if they were in the same town. He makes fun of me watching the bachelor, but is getting hooked to awkward abbey with me, and he's mr. funny. I hope we get to meet sometime when you're back in Ta-town! Your posts keep me entertained, thanks for your blogging skills! :)

  16. Hahaha, I just read these and thanks for a good afternoon laugh! So funny and I love the previous posts photos too!



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