Blueberry Flax Seed Muffin in a Mug

27 February 2012

Are my professional photog skills showing? I thought so. 

I had been seeing those calorie and sugar laden delicious looking cake in a mug recipes all over Pinterest and blogs and so, in a fit of hungry spontaneity, I decided to give one a whirl one night while Simon was out playing basketball -- undoubtedly burning calories and sugar. I don't know where exactly I went wrong but it was not edible -- which is quite a feat because my buds rarely discriminate.

Then, I saw a recipe for Flax Seed pizza crust on a blog (I won't link to it because I care about you too much to let you wander down that vommy path). I was intrigued and made the mistake of making. It was even less edible than the cake disaster. Simon agreed. I thought I could/would never bake with Flax again but this cobbled together recipe and the microwave changed my mind.

This isn't the most decadent or creative concoction on the www but it is a filling, healthy, tasty, easy, and super fast breakfast, snack, lunch, skimpy dinner, or boring dessert. 

Just mix everything together in the mug (the oil isn't picky -- it can be coconut, canola, vegetable -- just maybe melt the coconut oil for a few seconds prior to adding) thoroughly, pop in the microwave for one whole minute, wait several seconds so that it might cool, and eat. If you use frozen blueberries -- crank the time up to a whopping one minute and thirty seconds. 



  1. REALLY intrigued by these flax seeds.

  2. I wonder if you tried the same flax seed pizza that we did. I thought it would be a really nice nutty flavor but it tasted almost fruity? Weird. Not good. At all. In fact, disgusting but my toddler ate it. (Thank goodness because I have this thing about throwing food away.)

  3. I have never eaten a flax seed in my life, but now I'm thinking it's time to give it a try!

    p.s. Totally pinning this, dude.

  4. I LOVE flax. I bake with it all the time. I'm glad you finally found a flax recipe that you like.



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