bathroom sweet bathroom

09 February 2012

Welcome home photo ... serving the purposes of ...
1. Upping the number of photos on the blog taken in the bathroom from 999 to 1000
2. Illustrating Julia's newfound obsesh ... dragging her trifecta of fully nude babies ("deedees" - always advanced in the vocab department) around, feeding them neon hot dog bits rescued from her highchair and wiping their bottoms with dried out wipes. All things you vanted to know.
3. Simon kindly taking initiative and bathing Sebastian after his 68 feedings last night that resulted in a crib wetting and total outfit and body saturation.
4. Showing off the fact that Sebastian is (finally) back to his birth weight. What a little peanut.

*just keeping things clean. you're welcome.


  1. HA i just noticed the star. HA i love it! also, i love how J's outfit matches the tile in the bathroom. you clever lady..

  2. How tall are you, exactly? Or are you hanging from the ceiling to take this picture?

    Glad to hear y'all made it home safe and sound.

  3. we have a naked baby doll problem around here too. I feel so awkward when they make me take them in public. glad you are home safe, but I am extreeemely jealous that you were at the beach.

  4. My fave is neeked babies at church. I don't know how they smuggle them in but somehow the manage to show up at a perfectly reverent moment with a loud scream of "momma! my baby is NAKED!!" yeesh.

  5. HAHAHA, I was trying to find the asterisk in your writing and then I finally saw it. What a hoot!

  6. I'm guessing the photo was taken from the throne. Julia and her trifecta; she is imitating her loving mama. Good job! Sea Bass looks about 2x his birth weight! Dad is gaga over the photo we have of him on our screen saver.



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