guilt and regression

25 February 2012

1. guilt
2. regression
3. obviously

Welcome to life with the funions whilst Simon works an interminable shift.
Never not a real treat.
I hope you can hear my smile from there.

*a note on their outfits,
Sebastian rocking the chalk.
Julia rocking the matching modest (her pick -- not mine).


  1. Julia is so flippin' happy! Haha! What a doll!

  2. That's just Sebastian "Rockin' the 'Hawk" smackin' down Mizzou in overtime like wilted flowers...after being down by 19!!

  3. He really does look sorry! So, so very sorrrrrry............. :'(

    My goodness I do love your pics 'n' captions.

    p.s. do you know your blog is one of my top 10 traffic referrers of all time????? Hello fellow Grace readers! Thanks for hopping over and finding out I'm not even one sixteenth as cool as she is!

  4. oh no! evangeline tries to throw her body out of the bumbo :/



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