winter dress

28 July 2011

I think this navy blue H&M dress I found at the Goodwill is better suited for winter to be worn with knee and lower thigh covering tights
and if I had opted to let the black bedazzle me buttons and safety pin neck closure stick around they would also contribute to the reason for the frock's strict relegation to the cold weather months

To try to transform the bluebell I flipped it inside out and folded it in half lengthwise and said, "hasta la nevaaaa" to that panel of black diamonds and sewed a them right on out of there.... tried to defluff the skirt and sleeves as much as possible without going overboard 
added a kerchief cummerbund (eee--I have been pronouncing that "cumberbund" my whole life) and a braidtail

took a senior portrait complete with faux brick background for the bump's 26 week old sake
and called it a semi-successful day in alteration land

I must be off as I promised Julia we could pluck out and dine on the marshmallows from the Mallow Oats right before dinner. Our favorite.

Last post I'll be dropping this day, prom

Have a nice one.


  1. KEYUTE. Was the pintuck action already there on the top or did you add that? Either way I'm totally impressed (but if added, tutorial please!) You inspire me. I only wish the inspirash would get me to actually alter something. Still too nervous to try.

  2. LOVE the dress!!! and I too have been and probably will continue to call them cumberbuns.

  3. Wow. You are so stinkin' talented. Smart girl!



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