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25 July 2011


This morning greeted me with a fire engine red diaper rash (Julia...not me, Simon or Lucy) and a slew of pressing questions:

1. Did Amazon do away with Amazon Mom? (or...the free two day shipping)?
I tried ordering a box of diapers recently and the shipping alone was going to be twenty pretty bones...really?

2. How much does one pay an experienced college age babysitter to watch a polite 10 month old and guard dog for 2.5 hours? I have never paid for such a service but after one OB appointment with Julia riding my neck while they merely listened to heart tones quickly measured my bump...I'm not about to endure an entire ultrasound ("just because we didn't see um..facial features or heart chambers in the first one...nothing to worry about"....right-o) this afternoon of letting J ride bareback once I have yet to find a neck saddle that doesn't chafe. I don't want to be cheap but also hope that the ultrasound price tag trumps that of the sitting.

a little guidance, por favor.

Well I guess a slew of two. 

wait..Julia just crawled in presenting one more:

3. I bought these thinking they would be long, modest shorts for her:

but they appear to be either too long or maybe some stylish 7/8 length pants?

If they are merely too small...she needs to move right on up to size 2T before her first birthday because 24 mos just isn't cutting the mustard any longer.

and another!

4. Do all Goodwill's host a direct pipeline from the Target clearance racks and I am the last dumdum to figure it out?

I'm pretty sure I struck platinum this past weekend in the baby and lady departments with tags still attached merchandise galoro....

among my loot was this green linen Merona sack dress:
but not just any

this emerald is Merona:
I know. I feel your beady pupils jealing.

Anyway...I obviously didn't have to do much other than take it in the tiniest of bits at the top (leaving ample bell room), give it a mediocre ironing and wrap my nicest elastic round the ribs:
Mass and maternity ready.
this screams, "illustration of mutual admiration, adoration and respect"

me thinks

how much lettuce do I give the sitter?



  1. Wow, what a transformation a simple belt makes! The dress looks great.
    I hope everything checks out fine at the ultra-sound. Maybe you just had an inexperienced tech the first time??

  2. Prayers for a great ultrasound today! I would ask the sitter up front what they charge for 2.5 hours and if its a little steep ask if they would accept a little less plus a batch of your awesome peanut butter thingys.

  3. love this dress! good luck finding a sitter :)

  4. Check out


  6. I would ask the sitter, but somewhere around $25 seems reasonable ($10 per hour)? Good luck with your U/S and this is such a dumb question, but does your hubby ever give you ultrasounds/could he?

  7. Great dress! It looks really nice on you, that's a good color. I love finding brand new things at Goodwill. Also, Julia's face in that last picture is priceless!

  8. The going rate, so I learned the one time we were able to afford a sitter, was $10 per hour for the first child plus $5 per hour for each additional child. This is why we only went out the one time; the sitter cost us double what our date did. Uffa.

  9. First off, you look amazing per usual.
    Second off, I would bb sit for free if I were there. I realize this helps you not at all. So there will be a...
    Third off, for me it wasn't worth it to bb sit (especially if I had to drive there) for less then $25. It was sort of like my minimum rate. If you are comfortable with it and there is a teenager in your parish who bb sits, I'd say that's your best bet for a reasonable fee. I hope that is somewhat helpful!

  10. In a perfect world where we were neighbors and our husbands were home all the time and we each had a pony you could just drop Julia off for a play date with Tagg. All well. Back to reality. Glad the us went well.
    And you completely transformed that dress. SO. Cute! :)



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