large, purple and pregnant

20 July 2011

What would you do?

baby in Bjorn and dog on leash headed out the door when the very emergent need to rid your bladder of a tablespoon of the two cups of chocolate creamer and coffee you inhaled before 6 am arises

remove baby from Bjorn and proceed to the loo 
 take baby with...strapped and all?

I won't tell you what I did but I'll give you one lazy guess

Lucky little Julia
I think that pretty much sums up the excitement around these parts for today

Unless you count getting very lost on the way home from the grocery store ... on the same two mile route I've been taking for two solid months here in St. Labyrinth Louis... again ...

Lucky little lady

oh and I audibly chuckled at this 


(generally her posts are always funny$$ in my book)

alright ... today's little project is brought to you by the plus size section of the thrift store (which is always lumped with the maternity...for some odd reason)...

this purple number is size x (really big) which made me think that I would need to take it in at least a tiny tiny bit.....but it slipped right on:
and revealed a minor rip in the hip and an inappropriate exposure of hip skin...the worst kind

so I just sewed right over it to give kind of an indented seam-hip that isn't terribly noticeable I don't think...
especially with the distracting monster pockets (perfect for my weirdly large man hands) and the kerchief belt 
(which I think was probably a bad decision in my 20/20 hindsight)

what was that? 

oh yes, yes I did take the time to style my hair into a prom updo today:
I was hoping someone would notice

and now I'm off to not fix another larger skirt that I'll showcase tomorrow

get anxious


ps...would someone please be so kind as to follow or unfollow Camp Patton as the number 66 just isn't sitting right with me and Julia...
if not...I will gladly set up a little Google account up for J...she is oh, so close to reading multisyllabic words anyway


  1. Ok you are 66 no more. I don't know you at all and this is my first visit to your blog so I hope that's not creepy. Just like to help a sister out.

  2. Love the outfit! It reminds me of the one that you posted on Pinterest!

  3. Holy cow, I LOVE that skirt. The pockets!!

  4. who doesn't love a monster pocket? and i'm not even convinced that the tie belt was a mistake.

    sweet updo. feel no guilt, mine kind of looks like that every day too. and by kind of, i of course mean ALWAYS.

  5. Oh my goodness you make me laugh!

  6. Goodness! That top pic is adorable! Sugar!! And that skirt is awesome! Nice find. :)



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