7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume XV

29 July 2011

Joining Jen for another addition of the quicks :

1.  My favorite activity of the week by far was meeting up with Meg and her clan:
(photo thieved from her blog)
take a stab at which of our daughters is six months older...

and because I have nothing newsworthy to share...I'll recycle some old headlines with this week's little projects

Goodwill green turned Goodwill green with belt

most difficult (albeit patriotic) project to date, obviously

burlap and scrubs to fitted and more fitted

bejeweled begone

6. and this take might be a little TMI/inapprop for you so if you recently ate or are easily offended...the X to your top left is calling your cursor's name. 
Simon reported (during dinner..thank you) that he was called to rule out/confirm that a lady's water had broken because she reported that she had been consistently leaking fluid.  Once he got to her room and was getting ready to get a sample of the suspicious substance, the patient cheerfully volunteered, 
"I would say it kind of smells like...the penguin house at the zoo."

7. Have a pleasant weekend!
I don't need to tell you about all the fun we'll be having around here.


  1. The penguin house at the zoo! That's both hilarious and revolting; I love it!

    P.S. You've inspired me to drag my sewing machine out of storage at my parent's house and start using it again! I have a ton of things that are almost-but-not-quite-wearable that need to be fixed. Thanks.

  2. WOW! I can smell the penguin house now!!!

    also, I sincerely hope I don't smell anything that even remotely resembles penguin house when babies come....

  3. I'm loving all of these before & afters, amazing job. I really need to perfect my sewing skills. And that last dress is absolutely lovely, loving that you added that sweet little scarf as a belt. Happy weekend hun. xx veronika

  4. love your pregnancy style!
    high waisted skirts have been my fav so far!

  5. Okay, you are uber talented on the machine. I am going to start saying "What would Grace do?" when I'm getting dressed.

    But really? The penguin house at the zoo? She cannot be in labor or she would not have thought of those words in that order!

  6. not sure how i came across your blog but i'm loving your style and really wishing i new how to sew more than a slightly straight line! thanks for the inspiration!



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