26 July 2011

First and very foremost:
A round of congratulations to my compadre and old partner in DC crime...
and her husband Paul
on the birth of their adorable son, Henry James.
Happy, happy birthday to you!!!
(all photos c/o

secondly...a less hearty congratulations to Simon for being the giftee, husband of thrifty wife and rocker of this gently loved and formerly owned by another pretty purple plaid Christian Dior numero:
you make Julia look good, even on the right

thirdly...all went perfectly at the ultrasound yesterday. The little babe appears to have inherited my Cyrano
 nose, Simon's smile and whether he/she gets the 'beautiful heart' from me or Sime...has yet to be determined. 

and lastly...Julia is still upset about the end of her inaugural date with a real live babyysitter yesterday afternoon. I didn't know whether to rejoice or be insulted by their fast and furious love affair. So...I tried to distract her with a little project. 

I've worn this skirt approximately no times since I sewed the tube so I chopped off the bottom third to let my waddlers breathe:
 and used the leftovers to make J a very crawl friendly little wrap skirt:
 with room to grow
 and then we both reprimanded Lucy for the 89th time that minute for pestering the neighbor dog, "Sugar" and Sugar's owner 
 who insists on high-pitched sternly yelling Sugar's name at all hours of the day and night

woe is ours, always. 

Have a nice Tuesday.


  1. Hooray that the ultrasound went well! And those skirts are adorable! You are quite possibly the cutest lil preggo ever. :)

  2. Glad the U/S went well! My 2nd hid his face for the ultrasound and I had to go again, so maybe it's boy thing? ;) Those skirts are really cute. One day, I'll bring out my sewing machine and do some pieces again...

  3. congratulations to your friends on their new baby, and i loooooooove that skirt you are wearing! really wish i knew how to sew! :)

  4. i love that christian dior shirt.

  5. So, so glad to hear the ultrasound went well!

  6. That bottom picture is priceless and hysterical, Grace. Frame it, baby!



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