11 July 2011

happy times in the old 'ta from the past ~two years:

I know we only moved away a mere six weeks ago but I've been Wichitasick as a little pup these past few weeks. Simon was a saint and agreed to a little surprise visit this weekend even after working loooong hours all week. Unfortunately the only photos we captured were some from the drive home:

90 minutes of entertainment for our little simpleton:

thank you Simon for capturing my sizeable nose, tum and hair donut mid-slumber

a large bouquet of thanks to:

Christine and Kelby for letting us stay in their gorgeous guest quarters (complete with complimentary toothbrushes, diapers and razors)...they think that we were joking when we said we are returning for an anniversary getaway...just v-v-v-ait!

Adrienne and Dave for letting me crash their Saturday morning pancake fiesta with a rude 32 seconds notice.

Mary and the rest of Simon's familia for putting up with Lucy's yapping and training her to be an adaptable outdoor pooch.

Ben, Kelly Jo and Trudy for indulging my sweet teeth with a trip to Orange Leaf despite the fact that it was basically 5 in the morning for poor Ben on his nightfloat rotation. 

So... reality glared bright and early this morning at four fitty as
Simon returneth to the rigors of water breaking 
and of course it was back to the office for me:
post our morning 1/2 block walk where we may as well be the Ringley Sisters with the amount of cars that dart to the other side of the road, put on their rubbernecking specs and creep by at the first glimpse of the monster preg, monster babe and one eyed Lucylou

and as a small dessert
some baby bits of info:

1. two nights and counting of no crying at bedtime...large miracle
2. Julia now has eight whole teeth/nubs/snagglers .... 

and now...
duty by way of laundry and a third breakfast is calling...

Hasta Later,

Grace Marie


  1. Oh we are wichitasick for you! Counting down the days (ok, if I could count that high, but you get the idea) until your permanent return to the 'ta! So lovely to see you this weekend! Hopefully there will be many more surprise weekends...and soon!!

  2. We'll have the suite ready for you! Please make special requests no later than 1 week in advance.

  3. Oh, your simpleton with her green bowl is absolutely darling. DARLING! Gosh, I do love the babies...

  4. It was so wonderful seeing you guys!!! We miss you again already!

  5. hee hee i love this post. julia is getting some good locks! way to go little jem. must be all that snoozing.



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