morning, safari

14 July 2011

Every morning I can count on an entertaining game of cat and mouse via baby and dog while I drink my coffee and map out my day of um...things like going to the store solely to buy cheese for the pizza I might make, think of new and fancy baby names for Simon to wrinkle his brow at and debating whether or not today should be the day I wash my hair ... (usually always ... nope).

Lucy hates, Julia loves, Grace indifferent

Anyway. . .
 As shared last week, I've been having some Goodwill luck lately...
I found this safari-ready emerald with the Vera Wang tags still attached
(you like my amazon hair? maybe a tutorial for you...just maybe)
I know...what was the former owner thinking giving up a pretty piece like this?
It screamed scribbled rain forest vomits on a lime-rita to me and I had to have

I didn't want to reign the ribcage and belly in too much due to the hourly growth in that region of my bod so I simply:
cut and rolled the sleeves (asymmetrically because Lucy helped)
made the collar smaller for less sllllliding all over the shoulders
 took out the hem to give safari her best shot at the remaining ~16 weeks of potential usage
moved the elastic (!!!) belt upward to empire posish
 grabbed my little Vanna White and whipped my hair back and forth
blending in beautifully with our suburban forest that never fails to captivate and mesmerize our little housebaby

and I believe that is all I have for you kind folks today
maybe tomorrow I'll share the crib bumper (for Julia) and the Christian Dior shirt (for Simon) that the Goodwill gaveth

off to the shower nixing and shredded cheese races for me



  1. What a snazzy find! This makes me want to venture to Goodwill sometime soon!

  2. Loving the bump! Can't wait to meet Lucy-she looks perfect for Julia!

  3. you did an AWESOME JOB on the top! Taran teases me for my lack of hair washing. go to H.



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