no sew fix and other excitement

15 July 2011


I woke up to this lovely little email today: 
definitely not a problem here so please never send anything with subject matter remotely close to this nonsense again and get back to the goods...
like how to combat heartfire, fatigue and puff-face.

let me see here...what else can I share...
ah ... here was Julia's yesterday afternoon outfit:
(I know...the pink butterflies were a major fashion faux pas on her part which I indulgently allowed)
her attire and luscious locks didn't stop the pharmacist from repeatedly calling her, 
"little fella"
never will it end
poor guy

and some more Goodwill treasure to share...

I definitely forgot that I was pregnant when I found these Banana Republic stretch linen (!!!) pants in smurf color in my exact size last week
I came home and slipped the high waists on only to be sorely disappointed:
too short, way too tight and breathing not an option
never did such flattering photos grace the net...ever
but Simon and I had plans to be social with another resident couple yestereve and I was determined to make them work
so I ventured forth into the ugly abyss of uncharted waters...
(thank a rabbit's foot that I didn't snap and post a photo of that)
which worked like a real charm and when paired with a hasty and super easy let out of the leg hems:
unfortunately...due to a 'pulled neck muscle'... (I believe about 40% of that excuse)
our plans were canceled at the last minute and the smurfs didn't live to see the outside of my house cocoon 
which was maybe a good thing because when a certain someone got home last night:
and saw my attire the first thing he (very seriously) asked was, 

"why are you wearing scrubs?"

thank you Dr. Fashion

Have a wonderful weekend whoever and wherever you are and whatever you do!

I'm getting our party started with my inaugural St. Louis trip to the OB this afternoon who will surely assure me that lack of weight gain isn't an issue, my bump is (always) measuring two weeks large and that yes my face mask melasma is abnormally dark but will fade after delivery in a million years. 

Hasta Monday.



  1. You seriously are amazing with all your thrifty finds. The blue pants are amazing, despite what a certain someone says. Especially with a striped shirt and big ol necklace like that. You win at life.

    Freckles in April

  2. Oh gosh! Seriously in too big of a giggle fit right now to write anything sensible. Hahahaha! I agree with everything Kayla said. You win.

  3. i'm with kayla on this one!!! i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this outfit. sings.sings.sings. love it alllllllllllll

  4. Well... Everyone knows that scrubs are irresistible, so I guess I'm just not seeing the problem ;)

  5. poor J, will the boy references EVER end!!?!?? Glue some bows to her hair? Start attaching tutus to all her onsies?Get her female symbol earrings? IDK...

    Sneak your smurf pants into Simons Scrub drawer... see if he notices the difference.

  6. I think you look beautiful and i love those blue pants!! Have a great weekend!



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