23 July 2011

A Saturday Post. Fancy Thancy.

In lieu of a litany of complaints about Simon's weekend work schedule I thought I would share a wide wealth of boring with you this morning...

1. This peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe. I've made and eaten them for dinner, second dinner and breakfast two days in a row and I highly recommend you make them and do the same. The recipe is super forgiving as I didn't even bother with measuring cups or spoons and the cookies still came out beautifully. I love for the comments following the posted recipes. They are generally helpful, sometimes nasty and occasionally you'll luck out and find A REALLY GREAT COMMENT IN ALL CAPS WITH NO PUNCTUATION AND YOU FEEL LIKE THE COMMENTER IS EITHER MONOTONE YELLING OR FEELS VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THE TWEAKS THEY MADE TO THE RECIPE...those are my favorite. 

2. If Simon and I were ever worried about Julia getting into trouble with boys...we can stop right about now because her two top front teeth are coming in to look just like mine did when I was 10 years old:
yes my two front teeth. 
luckily..not God given spacing but courtesy of a long, drawn out orthodontia plan that finally saw progress after six years, just in time for me to continue my very pretty and popular preteen and teenage streak

3. I just finished reading The Help (and is just morbid me or does the trailer seem way more lighthearted than the book read??) and am hoping to find a book with equal or greater likability and is actually available at the neighborhood libes. I found this nifty website (although it did recommend I read "My Antonio" so I'm not sure how accurate it might be) and am hoping it points me in a winning direction. You know I'll keep you posted.

4. And finally (for the grandparents)...Julia's two newest tricks:

playing possum in precarious places:

and scaling stairs:

I don't think I have to tell you which one I enjoy more...
 she is also getting really close to mastering the art of alliteration, almost.

I hope you are having a pleasant Saturday.

Maybe things will get nuts and I'll see you tomorrow as well...who knows.



  1. After writing my own blog post on my bladder control issues when laughing is involved, I am slightly insulted that you would write something THIS FUNNY (esp. those teeth! OMG...LOLOLOLOLOLOL) knowing it would end in my needing to swap out my bottom halves. How dare you and thanks all in one swoop.

  2. Loved the Help. I'm still not sure about the movie. It definitely seems too light-hearted to actually follow the book. I don't know if you were asking for recommendations on a next book but I have a few greats. Maybe not liege
    ht-hearted but GREAT. The Book Thief, one of the saddest, but best books i have ever read. Just read Poisonwood Bible, really good. Dan Brown books are light and quick reads. Like the Lost Symbol. Ok there you go, longest comment ever.



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