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08 July 2011

I like getting up early. Of course...I enjoy sleeping in occasionally but generally I enjoy an early wake up with one part coffee, one part milk, two parts dark chocolate creamer and one part Julia. 
For the past week Julia has been waking up at 4:30 which I really don't mind because Simon is out the door around then anyway, Julia goes to bed at 7, she goes down for a 3 hour nap at 8 and again at 1 and Jillian Michaels is always up for some quality time with my growing bottom half no matter if the sun has risen or not.

This morning was a bit much though. In the 2.5 hour span of time between our wake up and 7:00...Julia had overexerted two of her diapers and outfits by way of toxic waste, wet the floor in multiple areas careful to fully saturate the fun to reach parts under our bed and a rubber spatula found its way to the bottom of the running dishwasher melting itself to death and nearly killing the humans in the abode with the lethal melted rubber and plastic odor.

So....two baby baths, several floor moppings, lots of googling, "melted plastic dishwasher smells lethal will it kill me?" 7 am I typed up my resignation letter as housewhiff, pinned it to Julia's diaper and traipsed off to be reckless and irresponsible via another cup of creamer laden coffee and a lengthy sit in the backyard.

crazytown be mine. 

anyway...I think we've covered all of the interesting topicas: dirty diapers, baby pee, baby sleep habits, domestic failure and easily gleaned some glazed over looks from my one remaining reader. 


I have been having some very nice luck at the Goodwill lately...getting my paws on things for steals that are still donning the tags...aka...brand new. 

I'll type more about those next week or sometime but for now....this:

my favorite...a swimsuit cover up. 

I bought a (super duper similar) grey one of these at Target a couple of months ago because of course I was drawn to the empire waist and the drab color: my favorite combo ever ever. 

After wearing it as a dress on a windy day once...I realized that it neeeeeeeded to be longer to be even semi-appropriate to wear in public.

I attached some extra fabric from my maternity maxi skirt thanggg....didn't bother to hem and ....

above the knee swimsuit cover turned maternity chic-esque




Have a fancy freakin weekinnnnd.

the Pattons


  1. Just wanted you to know that I read your blog and NEED each one of your posts because they put a little skip in my step with your sarcastic humor (which I think every mother/wife needs). So if you you ever think of stopping, please don't :)



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