long shorts conundrum

18 July 2011

The past several weeks of relentless heat and humidity combined with my rapidly growing bell have had me throwing on my hot magenta gym shorts:
 almost every morning to be maybe changed when venturing out in public...(maybe)...

 The solution seems simple with long maternity shorts like these that look great and appealing on the model with the impractical wedges:
via Gap
but after purchasing and not wearing a similar pair of these kneecap skimmers from Old Navy when I was pregnant with Julia, I know that not every body type can easily pull off this style (mine being the very first and very foremost)

Enter: this morning when my magentas were dirty and Julia and Lucy were antsy to get out the door for our morning stroll so I threw any sense of appearance pride out the window and threw them counselor style:
Not quite as awful as I had remembered but terribly comfortable....too comfortable to not wear the rest of today and tomorrow and probably the day after that as well. 

They were ill--fitting in the hip area (as our most Old Navy maternity bottoms) so I took them in a little tiny bit on each side:

and paired them with a longer tunic top and my go to elastic belts:
practical on the left and (obviously) grocery store bound on the right

I don't know...has my quest for comfort pierced my suburban mom fashion pupil for good?

if so, very well

long maternity shorts convertista signing off and wishing you a very merry day,



  1. Those look like good "go to" shorts. I like the different looks you came up with.

  2. I LOVE that length of shorts! I wear that length all. the. time. Oh my gosh...that means I'm a frumpy dumpster!

    Frumpy dumpster signin' off!


  3. Oh my laws. I have been doing the same thing with almost the same pair of gym shorts. Magenta and everything. Except I'm not pregnant. Oy.
    I love what you did with the shorts. That little bit changed them a lot and you look really cute!
    Oh, and Tagg is on my lap saying "Hi baby" to Julia over and over... and over.

  4. I think you are an adorable preg, magenta shorts or khaki old navys. I need you to teach me how to alter my clothes!

  5. These look really cute on you, and it was so sweet of Julia to take them in for you. I thought I could pull these off, but nope. I'm glad they look good on somebody :)


  6. I am daily making fashion concessions. You look presh prego!



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