meltdowns and maternity pants

06 July 2011

Wellllllll...yesterday continued down the Julia land:
I believe this was meltdown number 4 of 89

even after a nice bath, reading of the English/Spanish dictionary (her new fave) and my generous allowance of letting her style her own hair she just couldn't get it together:

fortunately for both of us...she is doing better today...
I let her down a full cup of coffee as opposed to her usual half this morning and a viewing of the upper body Pilates segment of my workout DVD seemed to lift her spirits circa 6 this am

enough of her

moving onto all maternity clothes allllllll za time....
I bought these brownies at the tail end of the school year when I was pregnant with the I was desperate for something semi-professional ...
not sure what exactly about billowy thighs, a slightly tapered calf and roomy hips screamed, ''work appropriate'' to me...
they are very comfortable due to my favorite type of maternity pant panel:
fat elastic covered in a soft cloud of stretchy magic
(thank you Gap)
(brownies from Motherhood Maternity...not Gap...but you pick up what I'm putting down I'm sure)
anyway...they were a little bit short so I took out the hem and rehemmed the bottom about 1/934829034829034820934890234 of an inch....very teeny...
and then of course...made them my fave style of all eternity: 
yes...the baby is growing by the hour as is the circumference of my face and bottom

and a sidenote....
I would appreciate if any existing or future readers would tell me from now on when my hair starts to consistently resemble that of Barbra's:

thanks so much

and now I'm off to procure the ingredients to make and devour 89 of these 
(fine...not 89 but definitely at least 5)

Have a lovely late morning and afternoon.


  1. you are so tiny and cute pregnant!

    oh, and love the name julia. she's a doll.

  2. I think you rock that style waaaay better than Streisand! And thank you for reminding me about skinny taste! Her recipes are deliciosas!

  3. Grace two strange things today - 1st I was reading your blog on a break from class while a priest sat next to me and looked over my shoulder. I nearly scandalized him with the fat elastic covered in a soft cloud of stretchy magic. I awkwardly told him I was looking at a pregnant friend's blog and not pregnancy clothes... Since I didn't finish reading it I came back tonight while eating my dinner - Can't wait to hear how the chicken ones turned out!

  4. Grace you look marvelous! Seriously great! I love the recipe you put up, that is right up my alley and I'm making it tonight!

  5. 1) you are too cute Barb...I mean Grace

    2) Did you make the peppers??? Where they delish??? I think we actually have all those ingredients! Can you believe it? Purchase lottery ticket, stat!



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