residency and empire waisting

07 July 2011

If you have anything even remotely more exciting to be doing other than reading this post...I would click out and go do it.
 Way below average across the board today. 
I remember reading a wife of a resident's blog many moons ago when Simon was a first and second year med student and rolling my eyes at how much she complained about his hours and how little he saw her and their daughter.

Simon's hours yesterday were such that he didn't see Julia at all (making for a jealous grace justkiddingmaybenotokfinemaybe) and now.....
my how the tables have turned

My fingertips are itching to write scads of complaints and rants about residency and the hours and the promise of more horrible hours...but I'll hold off for now.
Still four more years for that....

de nada. 

In the mean time...Julia and I have busied ourselves picking every last yogurt covered Cheerio out of this box:
and then we ate them...and then we went and bought another box and did it all over again. I really wish I were kidding. 

I also put on my surgeon's cap and performed the slightest of nip/tucks to this shirt dress thing
(I've worn it as an immodest dress but I think it might actually be a swimsuit cover up?):

As we've discussed before..I like my my maternity tops to have an empire that I don't look like a pregblob so I decided to shorten this dress into a shirt and cinch the empire with the excess..
The picture doesn't do it's immodesty justice in the top region...

my fix for that on tank tops is to just:

fold the strap in half (inside out) where I'd like it to sit on my shoulder and sew away

clippy clip to the excess fabric and thread and...
modesty returneth

to shorten the dress I just did the obvious:
cut off the bottom 

put the frock on and decided where I wanted the ribcage ties to go and measured (I decided on 7 inches but really should've gone with 6-6.5)

cut the bottom in half lengthwise to produce two ties and sewed them directly onto the front (side) of the shirt:
like so (photo doesn't help...I know)

finished product will give you enough rope length to wrap your ribcage a few times...
I opted for a frontal side knot:
but you can go crazy and tie in the front middle or the front back or the side back or even the straight up side ... your choice

Hope you're having a decent day.
a grainy and seductive Simace
(grace is the girl even though she looks to be the dude with her arm wrapped around her mate's neck)


  1. Holy cow I love that shirt so much. I'm a BIG fan of the empire waist (preg and not). Flatters my I've-had-two-babies blob of a body.

  2. Oooh, your shirt turned out cute!

  3. You are SO adorable!!! I can't believe you made that dress into such a cute shirt! And I can only imagine how crazy busy residency is from working in the hospital! It'll all be worth it one day though, right?! : )

  4. 1) Lucy is adorable
    2) Love the shirt!!!
    3) I totallllllly know what you mean about residency. I did a bunch of reading on being the wife of a resident and all I thought was, "sheesh, they complain a lot." But now I know why. Poor Ben's schedule is craaaaazzzzy.
    Just gotta keep our chins up. :o)

    Oh, and
    4) We miss you guys!!!

  5. Great job on the shirt!!! But the photo with Lucy, the one eyed- wonder, made me laugh so hard, I have tears running down my cheeks!

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE this refashion! I love that you have the tie go around a couple times! What a great idea!



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