27 July 2011

Standard subpar post

 three cheers for average
cheer 1
cheer 2
cheer 3

clap clap
alright ... lets begin
of course every post begins with a photo from my perch circa 6 am:
  of an overzealous Julia and an ever-annoyed Lucy

and then we very smoothly transition into the indoor before photo
which is always very pretty
today's patients are:
ill-fitting maternity whites 
a button clad burlap sack from the Goodwill

because the end results joined together made an outfit marriage that scored a .4 on a scale of 1-infinity I broke them up for your viewing pleasure:

the sack was tightened up in the bodice, sleeves and shoulders:
and paired with a matching Quaker Oats shirt, a strip of leather, one hand placed naturally in pocket and the other giving hair a loving pat pat

and again
 with the addition of one cheeeeery baby

the bottoms were taken in a little bit to take the growth potential into account:
and paired with Simon's new shirt, recycled leather and the solitary bang that I have been patiently waiting to grow out

so...nothing terribly impressive or even impressive at all. 

and we'll end with a nice photo of a nice girl doing a nice thing
I think she got my feet...time will well tell I suppose. 

Off to see Meg for the first time in wellllll over a decade. 

not standard...very exciting, actually.

hasta tomorrow probably.


  1. I really like that belt! And your alterations are, as always, fantastic. Wheeere do you find the time??

    Freckles in April

  2. I really, really, really need to get a new sewing machine. Really. I am suddenly going crazy without it!

  3. Grace! First of all. Great to see you today, chica! You are just as beautiful and sweet and clever as you were back when. Second. ALL these maternity outfits you've got going on are great! I wish I could be your apprentice but alas there are 5 hours between us. Lessons via skype??

  4. Three things I'm lovin:
    1) Lucy's curls
    2) The rad plaid
    3) Lil J - she's growing up sooo fast!



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