dip dye

22 July 2011

Good Morning to you and yours

Hopefully you have a nice weekend planned and waiting for you

This week, at Camp Patton pre-pre-preschool 
 (principal and sole pupil)
we learned how to dip dye shirts/onesies 
which is about as complicated as it sounds...dip in dye and done

I feel like a tube of Colgate or jug of Clorox though...which isn't quite the look I was going for:
  let me read your mind question:
Q: why does she have a bowl cut with attached tail cascading down her person?
A: good genes and a serious affinity for Davy Crockett

 (but I do have an appointment with a blindfolded Julia and a butcher knife this afternoon...
my weekly act of charity)

Teacher and lone student tried to get some decent photos together to showcase our masterpieces:
but no feigning happiness in this classroom
but I can't really blame her as she is being forced to wear a cotton candy colored unisex unitard

sorry little guy

and now I'm off to hunt and gather ingredients for either barbecue pizza or fake cheese nachos...I can't decide which. . .probably both

 Have a tolerable morning, afternoon, evening and night.


  1. So happy to have stumbled over to your pretty blog--I can't get enough of the fact there is such a thing as pre-pre-school! Or that they do fun thinking like dip-dying shirts. I clearly missed out somewhere ;) looks like you have lots of fun inspiration in store! Happy weekend! xoxo {av}

  2. I love your matching outfits!! You guys are too adorable for words.


  3. Too cute! I wanna try!
    How's Lucy recovering post-surgery???

  4. The first photo of you and Julia in matching dip dye shirts! That has to be one of my favorite CampPatton pics to date!! Beyond the shirts to the frown and the ceremonial bush. It's just brilliant.

  5. I just love the phrase "cotton candy colored unisex unitard". Only an awesome brain says stuff like that!

  6. I had a whole bunch of witty comments I wanted to post, and then you mentioned pizza and now it's all I can think about. Off to raid the fridge!

  7. Ba ha ha! You crack me up! Those dip-dyed pieces turned out nicely though!



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