Thursday morning

21 July 2011

On today's docket:
our guard dog, Lucy, is getting spayed:
[far left]
 so Julia and I are being cautious and paranoid carebears this morning as we are defenseless in the event of a predator approaching the premises in her absence 

It had to be done...Lucy is a big four year old and as much as I love Lucy I don't love her quite enough to be adding canine feminine product duty to the double diaper duty we'll be on in a few months

So...we have that. 

and as promised yesterday...another plus size skirt...

I don't remember a time when retailers used typewriters to print their tags...
but this two dollar (marked down from sixty apparently) pleated skirt is from that era and hopefully that explains the size descrepancy

like yesterday's purple pretty, I assumed the skirt might need a little altering but it fit very snuggly:
I know...lots of mixed mediums here with the ruffled top, silk striped hanky, prickly legs and the cement pleats

And is it just me or did my tum triple in size overnight and do those pleats look a littttttle too stretched?
pained expression c/o Julia vom sesh circa 4-6 am 
(de nada)

Well, the monster is almost finished with her mandated morning Yoga practice
and so off I uncharacteristically sprint to do some arts and crafts with her which you know you'll be hearing all about very soon

ah...and I think I need to start a little clog (blog column) dedicated to Simon's labor and delivery jaw droppeth upon delivery of some of the rubies
but I think they might be a littttttle too inapprop for this family friendly setting...maybe....
we'll see. 

Happy 21st of July.

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  1. You know, I was so curious when you said your hubby works in L&D. I bet he has CRAZY stories :0 My sister worked as an L&D nurse for a little and I loved hearing her tales. Please share!

  2. And I just read your "about" page and I adore your wedding photos! You need to post more of them, they are so gorgeous (and so is your dress and hair)!!

  3. yes yes please start a clog! once a week tales of craziness from si si.

  4. I agree with the above-would love some stories!!

  5. I don't think they look too stretched. If you're a big fan of thrifting, you might want to link up sometime on my blog. Each week I hold a photo thrifting link up.

  6. I think your skirt looks great, not too tight at all (but looks can be deceiving, I know). And I agree with the posters above - tell some stories!

  7. hahaha her yoga :)

    That skirt is adorable!

    And that's really good that you got your doggy spayed :)

  8. Skirt is awesome! I see that you're one of those lovely, slender, I'm not a whale at all pregnant ladies. I wish I had been so blessed. :) Really loving your blog!

  9. I love your blog! And you are just adorable as is your family. I am going to follow! By the way - that out fit is super cute!! I love the skirt! Cheers! Sherry @ Girls Day Out



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