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01 March 2011

a pictorial chronicle of Julia's day
(cue ooooo's, aaaaaaa's and the most baited of breaths)

she began her day with a thorough sweep of the porch
Outfit deets: Christmas in March

very successfully quenched her thirst the big kid way
with mom's morning whiskey and Sprite

she played like a dutiful bebe
and as usual...refused to smile for my eager camera

she was a cooperative and fitting model for mom's latest sewing project
don't worry...I'm not that weird of a mom to make a personalized cape for my child...this was a present for someone else's child who shares a first initial with Julia...sorry Adrienne!

she got herself into a little bit of trouble
 and had to wait all alone in the front room for Simon/Dad to come home to be the disciplinarian

and then somehow saturated the back of her head with urine
so she had to bathe her luscious locks and lean physique

aaaaand you thought you were going to get away with an alterationless post


this shirt/minidress/tunic had thick spandex bands hugging the most flattering places: upper thighs and upper arms
so I clipped them off, did a short jig with my sewing machine, changed out of my work uniform pants and slippers and birthed a maternity shirt

talent heard round the world



  1. very nice. are those velour pants you made into skinnies?

  2. I love that J swept the porch! It looks like maybe she joined up with the Flylady! Love the cape too and all your sewing projects. You are a domestic goddess! xox

  3. ha! this is awesome. julia is very talented.

  4. I definitely love the first three photos. haha. Julia is so assiduous!
    You are so slim and your long hair looks admirable!

  5. you are hilarious... and maternity shirt? girl, i would wear that and i don't {think I} have a baby on the way!



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