pants and pants

09 March 2011

Even though Julia was an understanding sport about the confetti failure of a onesie from yesterday...I (being a considerate parent) wanted to try to make it up to her. Redemption manifested in brown leggings cut from the cloth of a tank top. 
yee hee haw. 
Little Julio
no room to grow though. deprived childhood. 

I bought these linen pants a few years ago at a very fancy store. You may have heard of it...Forever XXI? Known for the quality and durability of their finery...
I didn't think it was possible to make them any more unflattering than they were
but I did
paging a wannabe Betty Draper
apparently tapered khakis don't flatter my figure at all

and a small Simon Says:
Last night Simon and I were talking about how we feel a lot older than our ages of 27 years...but after some thought and silence Simon was sure to add,

"...but I'm still dapper!"

agreed. of course.


  1. I actually really like the way those turned out. They make you look super leggy.

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  2. HA! i love it. i think those pants look quite cute on you in scene 2. and i definitely feel like a gramma recently.

  3. ps are those new target wedges or no?

  4. those pants came out cute! what ya talkin' about girl! you got some mad skillz! ; )

  5. i think...maybe you just brought them in a little too much in the thigh? slouchie tapered pants are awesome. and i bet those would look good on you cause you tall tall

  6. what? no I love these pants on you...and little J's pants tooo...

  7. Did you delete your FB account or just suspend it for Lent?

  8. wait, for reals? you don't like how those pants turned out? your legs look 8 million miles long.
    and also? i would use the word "dapper" in as many conversations as possible. it's a fabulous word with fabulous meaning. in fact, i'll work it into several conversations tomorrow. just decided. tomorrow's going to be a fun day.

  9. I like how the pants came out! And your baby is ADORABLE. Oh my gosh. I love this age when they're still smiley and snuggly. Actually I say I love every age so you know, grain of salt and all that. :)




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