gloom and doom

28 March 2011

just kidding. 
sort of. 

Why is it suddenly winter weather all over again? I've pitched my large and roomy tent in unhappy camper land until this most unwelcome cold front is gone for good.

Moving right along..let's start things off with a bang, shall we?

I have three Simon Says:
Simon: "I'm doing the shy di"


1. Simon: when is Father's day?
Grace: mmm I think maybe in June? I'm not quite sure...why?
Simon: I just need to know when to start dropping gift hints, thanks.

2. Simon and I went on a nice little Julialess date on Saturday night. Simon opted to wear his 'skinny' (fitted) dress pants for the occasion...and when the night was nearly over he admitted, 
"I've been getting a lot of up downs and I feel really cheap. I don't like it."

3. After trying to teach Simon how to feed Julia baby food three times over the course of two weeks and she dribbled a little bit down onto her chin he claimed, 
"I just wouldn't know what judgement call to make in those situations!"

next item of business:

little miss piggy
Our 6.2 month old had a busy weekend escaping from her car seat by way of 94 violent back arches in a row, managing to get around the house rather quickly on her back (a rare talent I'm sure), cutting another tooth and teaching herself how to finally roll over like a big three month old. Never not wild city around here. Next weekend she might spring for some orthodontia and start running 5K races...we just never know with her. 

and the matriarch busied herself with the making of this unfashionable skirt yesterday:
 it might look like a re-purposed pillowcase but I can assure you it is merely a section of a bed sheet ...
and don't ask how I got my hair to emulate that of Aragorn's luscious locks...
I'm still not sure myself

and now I'm off to go look up recipes for a mediocre dinner because that's how I'm rolling these gray days. 

Sorry I'm not sorry.

hasta mananananana


  1. simon does have hair as lovely as di's.

    congrats to julia rolling over!! i think a video is in order. otherwise i will assume you are lying. you dont have to lie to make friends.

    and that's a lovely skirt. i like the stripes. those are in right now so says the bloggggs.

    and last simon needs to embrace the looks. not all of us can look lik models in our skinny jeans. he should love it.

  2. Yay for milestones! I concur w/ Jessie. Video please.

    "Up downs"...I gotta write that one down.

  3. Your blog never fails to crack me up (and believe me, I need it this week).

    I'm jealous of your stripey skirt.

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  4. I'm still giggling about the pillowcase and your hair! So cute! xx

  5. Our wedding is on Father's Day (didn't quite think of that back when we set the date.) But the cool part is that Simon and Julia can dance the night away! Just tell her to limit her champagne intake. After all, she is a lady.



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