copycat: novice/idiot edition

25 March 2011

other appropriate titles for this post:

the skirt that very nearly sent me to the loony bin
the skirt that gave my sewing machine arthritis
my husband is married to a crazy person

all fitting. all true.

I saw that the very talented Kayla had been inspired by this skirt:
I stupidly (oh so stupidly) thought I could do something similar. 

laughy cackle. nope.

I thought I had overcome my hurdle of buttonhole sewing...(I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong)...I practiced several times
but when it came time for the live show...
 ugly hit the fan at warped speed

and we won't even dive into the menagerie of other issues I ran into with this project. . .(involving reading multiple sewing machine troubleshooting forums for hours. . .taking the sewing machine apart eight times and becoming bff+e with the seam ripper and owner's manual)

97 cleansing breaths.

here is the final product (I didn't have any white linen on hand so I used an orphaned sheet)
yes, it looks like an apron or a skirt made from a sheet

 I think it looks better worn backwards
but I don't imagine upper thigh hind pockets would be too terribly becoming

In other (less important) news...Julia is now a big six month old
She is still not rolling over nor is she showing any interest in doing so (cue judgmental dual eyebrow raise) but she does have one tooth, sleeps through the night and enjoys playing with dirty wet washcloths, plastic grocery sacks and sharp knives.

That's all I wrote for today. 



  1. yay julia! 6 months and counting!!! :)

  2. Happy half-year birthday Julia!

    You should've included a pick from behind w/ the skirt worn backwards. The right size and placement of pockets are supposed to accentuate the derrier.

  3. no the skirt is great. nice and summery. you and kayla both did a great job. happy halfers julia! i cant believe she has a toof!

  4. Oh my goodness, you poor soul. What is up with your machine?? Buttonholes should not be that painful.

    My kids love plastic bags too. The joys.

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  5. Cute skirt. Tati is 5.5 months and has rolled over unassisted once.
    Glad I'm don't have the only baby that's happy to be moved by forces other than her own.



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