15 March 2011

I think that it is fair to say that a healthy dose of sports and craziness have dominated our last few days on vacashe...

 Paul, Simon and Julia enjoyed shooting hoops and and playing with an elephant rattle bracelet at dusk
(Julia complains of serious vacation weight gain...I don't necessarily disagree)

lots of serious ping pong trash talking and game playing...

NCAA bracket filling...

someone got a hold of super glue and some ribbon...
(never not channeling Anne Geddes)

the shethletes: basketball player, runner-walker-slower walker and fist gnawer

and we have one lazy mom basking in the baby's down for the night happiness savoring her weekly garbage
thank you Simon...for capturing my finest moments

and I'm off to have an anxiety attack or ten about tomorrow's drive with crazy J. She seems to be entertained for two minute segments with alternating Britney Spears lip synching and an ugly mom scowl mixed with loud pig snorting....

should make for a fun day

(and a little quote from an unnamed brother: claiming he didn't want to ride in the car with us in case he was, "too much of a botherance" ... so considerate)


  1. my fav is simon's huge arm muscle during ping pong.

  2. you will be coming back to warm weather! Yahoo!!
    So glad you got some time with your family. It is so fun to have all the aunts and uncles around:)
    I can't believe how yummy Julia's cheeks are! She is so adorable.



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