short bells and cockle shells

29 March 2011

With the warmer temperatures undoubtedly imminent I decided to pull out my (formerly) favorite capris last night...just for fun

I must've forgotten that they were size extra flared and extra slimming. 
(Don't mind my housecoat. I wish I could say I staged this look and tried to look this frumpalump but...this is au natural my friends. Simon loves coming home after a long day at the office to my open arms donning my most feminine wares. Lucky man.)

They marched in for their slaughtering and came out hugging my legs a little too snuggly
paired with one thoroughly ironed metallic shirt and my house slippers 
(and do my eyes deceive or is my scar finally and graciously fading every so slightly?)

hm. what else to report?

After I handed off a freshly bathed Julia to Simon this evening, he did (seriously) ask why I wash Julia's hair with shampoo that smells like the inside of a porta potty. 
I directed him to the execs over at Johnson and Johnson. 
Whatev, Simone.

and that is just about all folks. 

wave wave.


  1. You are adorable!!! I love the second outfit!! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Too cute! Those capris = hot hot hot.

    I'm curious, what kind of machine you use. Mine is ancient and it is difficult to sew most fabrics. I'm looking for something that works well for projects similar to your own, but a little more affordable than say, my grandma's $$$$$/quilting/can do anything machine.

  3. G,

    Thanks for the tip! I'm going to give them a call/visit tomorrow!

    I've been so inspired by your projects and I have ten little dresses for my baby girl (10.5 mo) that I am (slowly) working is so much fun!...but I've been running into problems when I use two different fabrics (ie cotton and polyester) grr...need new machine.

    Have a great night!



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