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17 March 2011

I'm not sure what I'm happier about: today's match day results or the fact that I survived yesterday's car ride with crazy crazy J. . .

Yesterday morning as Simon and I were trying to pack up the 89 tons of 'necessary' stuff that Julia brought down to New Mexico ... I tried to save time and asked her Uncle Pedro to get her dressed... 
several minutes later he came in with the little lady stuck in her sausage casing of a onesie:
saying, "I'm sure this happens all the time."
in a word? no

and the majority of the day in the car...Julia's car seat allergy flared up what seemed like every two minutes...:

....but most excitedly congratulations to Simone for matching in OB/GYN in St. Louis!!
happy wife and missing bebe accessory
awkward family photos...
(his shirt undoubtedly won several originality contests)
so...if any readers are hailing from the STL and have room for some totally normal friends on your friendship bracelet....let us know

Feliz St. Patrick's Dia!


  1. Love Simon's shirt!! I'm very happy for all of you!!!

  2. did you make the shirt for him? that is awesome. congrats simon! cant wait to see St. L.

  3. CONGRATS! now you can be friends with anni. and i can buy a plane ticket to visit.

  4. congratulations! so exciting. ummm...not too close to st. lou's (i heard it will make you popular if you call it that to the locals...c'mon, give it a try.), but hope you make some fabulous friends anyway. oh, and the carseat pic? yeah, that happens about every day in our vehicle. (you don't know of any cops that read this blog, do you?)

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  6. Hi! I heard about your blog from Kate of, and have been enjoying it for quite a while. I'm from St. Louis!...But I don't live there now. Oh well. I hope you like it there, it's really a lovely town, with maybe not as much snow as Wichita!

  7. J's expression in the 2nd picture screams, "Whateva! IdowhatIwant!"

    Thanks for reminding me of my complete ignorance of America's midwest geography. Will you be closer or further away from the desert?

  8. Thrilled for you, Grace! I'm sure it feels so good to have that little mystery cleared up now. Hope to see you soon!

  9. Grace!! Congratulations on the match in St. Louis!! My husband and I live here now, and we're expecting our first baby in June, so we will probably be predictably boring for the next 20 years, but we love normal friends! St. Louis is pretty unique (read: I had the worst time adjusting for the first year); but I'm sure you and Simon will do great.

    And I love your blog....such wonderful wit and humor.

    Katie (Pumphrey) Keys. :) So happy for you!

  10. Congralations!!! I'm so excited for you both! And we won't be too far away so we can still visit! :o)

    PS - You inspired me to start a blog! It gets addicting!



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