7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume V

04 March 2011

1.  After a little date with a workout DVD yesterday...I was desperate for some cold water...and Julia was equally desperate for a bottle and some attention. I quickly poured both water and formula and started in on my drink first. . .
 Unfortunately... the selfish fairies punished me as I realized three vigorous chugs in that I had grabbed Julia's freshly made formula. 

2. Shouldn't five month olds be taking more than two naps every day?
 I was thinking somewhere more along the lines of nine or maybe eleven on particularly cranky days?

3. Thank goodness that the bad haircut I gave Simon is finally growing out...
The shorn lamb look wasn't very becoming on his grown man self

4. To kick off the last Friday before Lent...I am making salmon to be married with a collaboration of brown sugar, butter and soy sauce. The internet tells me it will be "off the chain". We'll see.

5.  The project de jour was to attempt to turn this male rugby shirt I found in Simon's closet into a female vision (ever the optimist)
it didn't quite turn out as planned...
I give it a D+ .... well ... factoring in the extra credit for getting rid of that pesky collar ... I'll generously bump it up to a C-

6. & 7. In case you forgot (but how could you?)...the other two wonders of the week

immodest dress to maternity tunic
and the piece that went from baring Simon's navel to Grace's mediocre sweater

Have a marvelous weekend.


  1. Oh my goodness you drank the formula! lol That is a fear of mine. I make instant coffee and a formula bottle every morning at the same time and I am always afraid of mixing them up. haha

    I stinking love your alterations. I am inspired and I need to try it out myself.

  2. how did you drink the formula when they are in two very diff containers? only you. i LOVE the rugby shirt. its really cute.

  3. Either G-money thought it was a water bottle or she's used to drinking from a nipple. Either way I'm not judging.

  4. Yuck! The formula! Yuck!

    The rugby shirt is adorable! I give it a solid A. And everything do you do these things? Seriously? Amazing. It's all adorable.

  5. ok call it what you will, i LOVE the 'maternity tunic.' So cute! And my squeezable little niece...oh I can't handle how cute she is. G-r-o-s-s about the formula!!!

  6. I think the sweater alteration is my favorite! Julia has her Uncle Andrew Seaton's and Great Uncle Dan's nose!!!

  7. Love it sooooooooo much! I need to find something cute like that to refashion. I love stripes!

  8. love your alterations! can you come to my house and fix some of my frumpy clothes ; )

  9. you have successfully morphed your blog into a sewing/craftiness blog. who woulda thunk?

  10. I'm so impressed by your 'recycling' clothes. I think you mark yourself way too harshly. And because I'm totally illiterate with a sewing machine, I'm giving you an A+!! xx



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