Rock chalk, chocolate and Street style

07 March 2011

No groundbreaking anything to report as per the ushe...around these parts. Well...other than Julia's discovery of the fun that open cabinets house and her parents' serious affinity for candy

and some rock chalking with our little jayhawk in her 2T sweatshirt...
We thought she had maybe broken some gummy ground on her first tooth due to the volume and quality of her cries after a few hours of wearing this outfit. Nope...just a case of way too tight jeggings as proven by the deep rivulets in the sides of her marshmallow legs. Sorry J.

Simon has been earning his keep by way of basement cleaning these past few days. He has happened upon some gold nuggets of my old clothing. Including (but not limited to) a very high-waisted pair of pants he likened to mom jeans (not pictured -- you're welcome) and these nice bell bottoms:
(yes I wore that shirt all shower or laundering in this household)

I'm glad I kept them around for a couple of reasons. The first being that they are "Street" brand. . .quality for certain. The second is that they feature this not at all disturbing embroidered image on one of the back pockets:
A triple-armed tribal heroine? the goddess of faded denim? I'm almost scared to wear them in public for fear that I might offend someone. 

fixed up:
minimal improvement 

and on a musical note...I'm pretty sure I'm going to rot in music taste hell and the entire universe will disagree but I don't understand all the Adele hype. She has a nice voice but her songs make me want to lay in a dark room face down in a vat of chocolate ice cream and dwell on cruel intentions and sadness for all eternity. Lyrics that liken herself to a crumbling fool, talk about her heart being beaten, scars of his love, wandering eyes and not being able to breathe under his thumb don't win the admiration of my happy and shallow heart. Give me something I can bob my head and cut a nice woven rug to...please.  Whoever stomped all over her pretty heart really should be given a cut of the profits for all of the inspiration written all over her successful album.




  1. haha your description of adele just genuinely made me LOL. and i totally feel ya on the fussy baby do to jeggings. my little one has the same problem!

  2. i dont think i know who adele is. is she the one who did American Boy with Kanye?

    I am really sad that my jeans tore into poor Julia's legs. I know the feeling to outgrow your jeans and it isn't pleasant.

    i think i was with you when you bought those jeans. didn't you get them at a boutique in burque??? maybe not.

  3. I know you do all of that talented sewing as you get down to some Celine!
    I love all of your tutorials. You are so talented!

  4. Oh I love that you kept your flares too. And looking hot in the heels or barefooted! Julia is gorgeous and I'm loving you all in your matching Kansas shirts! Thanks for popping by, and I look forward to keeping in touch with your lovely part of the world too ;) xx

  5. Love the way the altered jeans look on you. I have to agree that Adele's songs are gloomy, but I do love her songs a lot though! x

  6. Love the baby jeggings...never seen them before! :) Adorable little family photo as well.



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