spring break

11 March 2011

This is what the aftermath of ten hours in the car on the world's most boring two lane highway with an ornery 5.5 month old, a John Grisham novel on CD and a geriatric female race car driver on your tail looks like:
not on speaking terms 
and unfortunately, my spider leg hairdo was the least of my worries

As you can probably tell from the scenic background, we are currently hailing from my native land...New Mexico...where I have spotted no fewer than three cars on the interstate adorned with Old English decals of their owner's last names (one in pink with playboy bunnies...little touch of class)

handsome and pretty

We got to watch Paul's team advance to the state basketball finals this morning...

Julia was enthralled:

 no complaints though...Julia had stripped down to her onesie before noon to bask in the most gorgeous weather in the whole entire world and we have twelve eager hands to help with our little bucket of needs.

ah and I almost forgot the quote of the day 
upon seeing Julia's usual lower lip jutted very far out pout, the gentleman taking our tickets at the tournament declared,

"He's all vinegar!!!"

guess so. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. YOU ARE IN NM!!!! I am sure you have TON of people lining up to hang out with you guys- but if you have a spare min or two and want to go on a mommy or even a mommy and daddy date so the almost shared a birthday girls can meet- let me know!

  2. 'he's all vinegar'.....hahahahaaaaa.....laughing. heartily. We miss you here in KS....beautiful stay-outside-all-day. come back!

  3. holy crap who took those awesome photos of paul? he is a MAN!

    and i dont know what thats supposed to mean, 'scenic background.' are you being sarcastic? are you not a fan of adobe. nuevo mexico por viiidda



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