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31 March 2011

 Yesterday was a really tough day with Julia. I think (though I have no one to compare her to) she is generally a pretty easygoing baby so I thought I might lose all of my marbles forever in one silly little day.  She woke up in an ocean of urine (this doesn't happen infrequently) which I don't understand...isn't that what diapers are for? Her diaper was completely dry which would would lead me to believe that she certainly has interesting (and talented?) aim. I tried washing her mattress pad thing that won't fit in the washing machine because it is attached to some covered cardboard or hard plastic with 'soap and mild water' (not sure what mild water is) like the internet told me to do but the putrid smell remained so my only victory of the day came when I got serious about the task and used pungent bubble bath which happened to work like a real charm. She then refused to nap all ding dong day and by refuse I mean scream at the 14,000th foot of her lungs and bite her little hands with her little Chiclet teeth leaving weird little snake bite looking marks until I relented and picked her up...14 times in a row (this is not an exaggeration) and I know that I am not tough loving her by doing so....indulge indulge indulge is my firm philosophy. She was only somewhat happy if I walked around and gave a detailed narration of what was in the house ("and these are our pet dust bunnies and that is a picture when mom used to sit in the front seat of the car like a big grown up and this is the bathroom...please stop panting it is not bath time...and this is mom's third glass of wine this morning...fine just a little taste for you though...okay, okay just one more sip but don't drink it box is almost drained.") I'll spare you all of the complainy and mundane other details but Simon had a talk to go to after work and wouldn't be getting home until later than usual which made noon feel like six am and by three pm I had maybe (but maybe not) shed a frustrated tear or two. Pathetic Grace with only one child to watch. I'm lucky she isn't old enough to throw up, get into the pantry or smear the delicious contents of her diaper on the walls....I know. It was still a rough and exasperating day.

And now I suppose it would be natural to launch into some nice little sentimental discourse about how despite the terribly unfortunate occurrence of these rotten days I am still so happy to stay at home with Julia...which I am happy of course but I am just going to type a little run-on sentence chalking it up to a real conundrum of a bad day that I didn't learn anything from and that I hope never ever repeats itself. Please never.  

Now that I have that off my fingertips, let us move on.


To reward and reinforce Julia's excellent behavior I used a little more of the sheet that just keeps on giving and made her some sailor/jailbird pants:
(photos taken circa 3:30 in the am..after a two hour middle of the night play session..I was certain she was sleeping through the night for good...always a little something up her sleeve)
she has been religiously reading the fashion blogs and knows that mixing patterns is in in in

I then took this odd tank top 
(that I believe I've only wore once...over a a bar...super fancy style)

waved my magic sewing wand in the air and made Julia a small something
I don't know.
Maybe a little nightgown or swimsuit cover up...we'll see where she runs with this.

Next order of business

I found out yesterday that a very funny, very smart and very witty friend of mine reads this blog (megan) and it intimidated me to no end and made me want to instantly delete the entire thing once and for all realizing that more than my parents and siblings are reading.

I've seen other blogs do 'delurk yourself' posts but I think it only works if people read the blog. So unveil yourself if you dare...pretty please. It would really help if all of my siblings (including the family pets) could comment under aliases and my parents could comment thrice each. Again...pretty, pretty please. If I only get two comments this post will be promptly deleted....maybe the whole blog will take its dying breath...I never know.

Please don't be shy...I'm the weirdo that has a blog.

hasta tomorrow or never.


(yikes...that didn't mean to sound as sinister as it may seem to some)


  1. I read it!

    But since you made the call out at the very end of a long post you probably aren't reaching your full audience. Some people may not have made it to the end. And maybe some people just come for the Julia photos.

  2. I love the photos of sweet Julia! J's beach dress is a little unusual though. Will she be wearing it to the hotsprings pool?
    You are a very talented fashion designer. I'm a new commenter! I want to keep getting blogs!!!

  3. I'm pushing this over the two-comment mark. More urine stories! (j/k I find your blog very entertaining.)

  4. I would pay top dollar for a swimsuit cover like that.

  5. While we are new to the blog world and a bit shy (and unsure how) to comment, we are so thankful for your honest and hilarious posts. As a new mom, it is reassuring and refreshing to read that I am not the only one pouring milk in the laundry and soap in my cereal. Needless to say laughter really is good for the soul. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Grace, I have at least 3 (ok 6) of those kinds of days a week!There is not lesson to be learned from those days either except that its not as easy to pull out your hair as one would think. Dont stop blogging- you know you have devoted readers/fans (myself included) and even if you didnt its free therapy for the insanity that is new mommydom (at least it is for me and my nut job of a blog!) I agree with Ashley and demand more urine stories!!!!

  7. I read your posts religiously! Also, I love your blog. But I love you more.

  8. Ok, so I hope that I don't freak you out, but you have absolutely noooo idea who I am! But I read your blog and LOVE it. I am Christine Umbehr's cousin and I read her blog and found yours through know how it goes.
    I am a new mom as well. I had my little boy in December and I definitely can relate to you in so many ways. I am just now starting a blog and I am terrible at it! But you have to start somewhere right?? Keep blogging!!!

  9. You are the reason I started a blog.

  10. I refuse to come up with an alias in order to comment on your blog. Read it out loud to my friend Julie on a daily basis who LOVES it. Especially the "Simon says" entries. Keep it up. Maybe you could start shooting for two entries a day? With finals coming up I'll definitely need the break.

    Love you.

  11. I can't get enough of your blog!!! Love it!!!

  12. girl ! you know I read your blog daily, religiously, oh...compulsively, even. Hooray for all those delurking!

  13. girl, you know i read this every day. i love your humor-duh. twinsies. thank you for:
    a) being hilarious
    b) posting funny pics of J (the 2nd photo at 3:30 AM is at quite a funny angle that i love)
    c) not calling simone "husband" or anything like that
    d) making awesome sewing creations such as a baby size swimsuit cover up. does she have a swimsuit?

  14. J's newest "modest is the hottest" cover is ammmmmmmmmmmmmazing!!!! i cant stop chuckling!!

    daily blog checker. not going to lie the weekends are hard for me...some times 48 hours in between possssts. withdrawl sets in.

  15. You know I read, but I need to be better with comments.

    Sounds like a tough day, every mom has them.

    I love the dress you made her!

  16. Ah, Grace! I read your blog. And I have to say, having one child was so hard. Much harder than having three. I know that sounds weird, but the shock of what raising children requires is really only present in HUGE quantities with your first. The ones that come after are easier.

    People told me that before I had more than one, and I didn't believe them. In fact, I may have issued quite a few curse words in their general direction. But it was true. So, that doesn't make it easier right now, but you're not pathetic. At all.

    And I still can't believe how crafty you are with clothes.

  17. i dont read your blog and i never will. end of story.

  18. Dear eldest daughter: Have you ever heard the saying: "Be careful what you wish for?" -Daily Reader, Daily Chuckler, Feeder of your parents dogs ps Love ANY and ALL photos of Darling "J" Her 3:30am pic looks totally mischievous!

  19. Oh man, I have had those days too. For the most part I feel like I've totally got my shiz together and I am owning this motherhood thing, but occasionally? Those kids break me. It happens.

    Also, you know I'm here. I'm pretty sure I have a frequent commenter card.

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  20. I love your writing just as much as Julia probably loves her little sips of wine! :) It was great seeing you today and hearing Julia's operatic capabilities in person.

  21. Omg, you poor thing! If you ever need a day/evening out just let me and Ben know! We'd love to watch little Miss Julia!

  22. DeAnna (my roommate) read me excerpts from your blog about a month ago and I check back regularly now. Dee and I discuss how hilarious you are and how cute Julia is. If you ever visit DC I have requested that DeAnna broker a meeting. Thanks for all of the laughs!

  23. never not reading...

    cara's post at 4:52 AM sounds creeptastic, but i assure you she has a lingering case of insomnia that a little panttonperpendere can hope to silence.

    mascara'd julian is still my FAAAV. forever and always.

  24. Obvi I read your blog daily. Its in my google reader... (which I still dont understand) and seeing the latest and greatest in the world of "grace fashion" helps me figure out what to wear to my mundane cubical job. If you delete this blog I will not function. So I beg of you, please consider the small people.

    o and bonus is that little J is pretty much the cutest kid ever. Mascara and alllllllllll.

    with love, C

  25. How did I miss the demand to "show yourself" if you read? I read your blog every day I can. And I marvel at how your have time to sew such fancy things or anything for that matter. I've only got 1 kiddo at this moment and can't even comb my hair. Kuddos super mom, kudos.

  26. Yo. Love your blog. First read of the day. No lie.

  27. this is the equivalent of your delurking via fbook a while ago. i religiously track my "followers" - those that reveal themselves anyway - and saw you one day, found the blog, and then didn't see you the next day. LOL i think we all love a little anonymous following. anyway, kudos to you and the beautiful family and the fun blog. i might steal this idea for my own, because i get a ton of hits from all over the place and i am like, if you read..... then comment people! it is thy fruits of my labor. always shafted. whatever. keep up the blogging, julia will thank you... well... other than her photo next to the bulldog anyway. high-larious.

  28. Grace, your blog is a bright study break in my otherwise boring routine. I have been known to laugh out loud... even to the point of tears. :) Miss you! I'll respond to your email from 7 months ago soon!

  29. I love love love love love your blog and am always disappointed when a day is missed. But it adds to the suspense, so it's ok!

    Your blog lover.

    PS I was even telling Jeanne Meehan(who I believe you did meet in DC at one point or another) how freaking hilarious/informative/smile-inducing your blog is and she wanted me to send it to her. I was going to ask your permission first, of course. :)

  30. Found your blog today, while Tati naps.
    You're funny - Thanks for sharing!

  31. Your blog I read religiously, and if you hadn't posted in time for me to enjoy with my coffee in the morning, I've been known to say, "Come on Grace!" out loud to my phone. Also, I enjoy all pictures and all rambling. Simonsays are sometimes my favorites though.
    Stop putting mascara on that baby! ;)

  32. So I'm hoping that you're still reading these comments 1+ year later. I found your blog via Conversion Diary a few months ago and I've been reading it in reverse starting a few weeks ago. You've got a great sense of humor and wonderful light writing style. My husband keeps asking me what's so funny. "Simon Says" is brilliant and I am very impressed with your sewing ability. You inspired me to head to Goodwill today in search of a Target clearance store or some pants to alter. No deal. I need you to put your Goodwill in touch with mine because there was NOTHING there of value and the prices were crazy! I think they have delusions of being an upscale boutique when setting their prices??? Thank you for the daily does of funny and also the more serious posts on NFP. It's something that I never really understood about Catholicism but am really starting to understand a lot better. Keep up the good work!



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