undeserving of a title

28 February 2011

Sorry for such a late post. 

obviously...not much to tell you today.

unless you count:

1. My alter ego Gladys Kravitz coming out to play this morning peering out the window, devilishly squinting my eyes and suspiciously watching three teenagers...all clad in all black...traipse through our on the neighbor's swing set and then jump the back return the same way they came several hours later.

2. Our microwave dying an annoying and abrupt death and realizing how heavily my culinary skills rely on the deceased appliance.

3. Simon starting work at a new clinic this morning where our next door neighbor of almost two years (why did I just spell that neighboor over and over and over?) "john" works...only to see that his name tag reads "brian". Either we are idiots and he is really polite or he is a big fat liar. Hopefully the latter.

I had some time to kill tonight while Simon flexed his domestic muscles and made banana muffins and Julia flexed her mercyonmom muscles and slept for a long time. I know you have to be getting tired of the old shirt and pants fixes. I know I am...but that isn't stopping closet just keeps on giving. Look away and browse elsewhere if you must.
ignore my patriotic eyes
These pants that you may have mistaken for a brown grocery sack with legs are really annoying and fickle. They seem long enough to wear with heels but once the heels are on and the day is started...they ride up above my anklebones and look exactly like high waters. Back when I was a working girl at my first job on Capitol Hill (think Pam on the early seasons of the office: phone answering, mail sorting, printer paper filling)
oh...lucky you..I found a photo of my former glamorous post
happy face of the office (DH-you know you miss it)
... I stupidly dressed these suckers up with some impractical and not dressy enough wedges. Of course this would be the very first (and last) day I had to walk with the congressman for whom I worked to a radio interview a few building over. My floods hopped to and were riding high and happy and I looked like a real smarty clomping along with my inappropriately casual and highly uncomfortable footwear. Long, boring and basically irrelevant story. 

the changes:
well...not many noticeable differences. I still can't find shoes to tame these puppies (insert annoying and cheesy quip about not needing to wear shoes at my current place of employment) I added a fancy cardigan for flare instead which was fine because the shirt resize wasn't all that impressive anyway.

until tomorrow...

Buona Notte


  1. creepy.... our microwave died tonight too MID dinner prep!DISASTER. Maybe Brian is Brian's first name but he goes by his middle name John? Its a stretch but possible. Hope the little one sleeps well for you tonight.

  2. I know I'm not quite a bosom buddy but I was hoping that you could do a post on how to blow out your clothes? Nature shrunk my clothes for me, and I need to make them fit again...I'm working with one pair of jeans that does not strangle the life out of my bazooka tubes, I long for a "grocery sac" fit. Thanks.

  3. i like the fish that sat on the wall above your desk.

  4. What do yee think Billy Gee is up to these days? Think he finally aced his physical fitness test?

  5. haha--"ignore my patriotic eyes." hilar. also, your cardigan is making me realize i need more purple in my life. like, really. NEED.



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