a jaybird, a jacket and an Eagle Scoutess all rolled into an ill-fitting title

30 March 2011

another day
another blog post
another yay from the audience

someone figured out how to take photos of themselves yesterevening:
little scandalina

caught and captured by Simon
who thought his fleece jacket would substitute nicely for a towel 
 (until he started capital F Freaking when Julia had maybe had a little accident on said chaqueta)

Other than rejoicing over my .6 mile drive to the grocery store without so much as a peep from Julia and feeding Julia the 18 meals of solid food she suddenly requires I did exactly two things yesterday:
1. made and promptly devoured this delicious salad 
(world's perfect food marriage: mozzarella, tomato, avocado and because we are carnivores....chicken)
2. made and did not devour this skirt
 which is basically the result of many lessons learned from the train wreck of the white skirt I tried to make last week and the drawstring potato sack from Monday. . .as Simon often tells me over and over and over again .... 
"you have to start somewhere"
yes, thank you support system

this one might actually make it out into a public setting but probably not...this post just might be enough

 I'm pretty hopeful that I'll make Eagle Scout soon with all of these countless hours of sewing, repairing my sewing machine and refraining from chucking my sewing machine out the window all while rearing the basically perfect child. 
We'll see I suppose.

and a big gulp kudos to Simon who has been working quite a lot on some really not fun paper involving pressure ulcers (more boring than gross or more gross than boring?) after driving a not fun distance for his not fun rotation and does not complain (unlike his fun wife and docile daughter)

see you tomorrow...don't worry.


  1. 1) Love the arm rolls.

    b) Just drooled on my keyboard at the sight of that salad.

    iii) Are those wedges? Me likey.

  2. adorable!!!



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