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14 March 2011

Spring Break 2011 is well underway. . .

We'll start from the morning and work our way up the excitement ladder
1. Julia always ensures we are wide awake to enjoy the pretty New Mexican sunrises

2. Simon introduced a new game to Julia he likes to call the 'reverse princess and the pea'
she obviously loves

3. She has been spending lots of quality time with her uncles
not pictured: as I was waking up from a nap on Sunday...I heard and smelled Paul and Peter changing Julia's dirty diaper with the guidance of a Youtube tutorial. smart boys.

happy spring breakers 

5. Julia experienced her first shower

6. and most excitedly, Paul's team won state
Julia played her part well in setting up for the victory fiesta fiesta

(photo courtesy of the Albuquerque Journal...whether they know it or not)

and...three days until Match Day for Simone...where will we go? Nobody knows...but all appendages crossed tightly.

with love, 


  1. I expect an email with the exciting results! It's my 1st week at my new job and I'm stuck at my desk reading through endless power point files as training so I will be eagerly awaiting your update.

  2. BAHAHA. in order of appearance i love:
    1. the sunrises. totes j.
    2. the new game. she seems very excited.
    3. the youtube tutorial-KILLS ME.
    4. the shower. ha!

  3. those ARE some kickass sunrises.

  4. Grace, I just happened to wonder over here from Mallory's blog and realized you're visiting NM!

    We have lived in Gallup for 4 years now and are getting ready to move in the next couple of months.

    I only had a chance to skim your blog but LOVE it...especially all your creative clothing made from...other clothing, and your before and after pics. i am really into this right now and am planning on making a dress (from a dress) for my daughter and some accessories (from a shirt) for my son's Easter outfits this weekend. It gives me such a rush!

    I have to agree that the sunrises in NM ROCK! Enjoy your visit!



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