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08 March 2011

Yesterday I decided that Julia should get in on all of the fun sewing action and thought that a simple onesie dressed up with a garden of various flowers should do the trick. Simple and easy and pretty. 


After cutting out several "flowers" that looked eerily similar to dismembered fabric spiders complete with missing legs and misplaced thoraxes ... I had no choice but to take the easiest street by way of totally realistic looking tulips (or deer hooves) and t-shirt stems.
 This took a really embarrassing amount of time to create. . .maybe because I sewed the onesie together no fewer than four times. So much fun.

El Jardin
Julia was understandably underwhelmed

Of course I fled back to the alterations while licking my supreme failure wounds. 

I bought these pants when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Julia because my thighs had tripled in size and I still needed to look somewhat professional at work
 Professional park ranger at your service 
(not sure what the stain of the day was...Julia's regurgitated chicken baby food? a little leftover dribble of chocolate from the eight Reeses I inhaled five minutes ago?)
Blake Lively might be able to pull off the shoulder pad look but I am no Blake and these sleeves needed some serious depoufing.

 now a park ranger with a side ponytail but at least played down the legitimate female football player look.

and of course...Happy Tuesdee...
 fat style

(One of Julia's parentals)
not me


  1. BAHAHAHHAHAA SIMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE!!!!!!!!! he's been holding BACK hahahaha

  2. haha i like the sleeve depoufing. and the onesie. and simon's fat smile

  3. its like a surprise ending with that baby pic!!

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve it!!!

    and where did simon's eyes go in all that baby fat?!?!!?!? oooh ccccccute. post one of you? so i can see who i think Julia looks like!!!!!

  4. You are a MACHINE with these re-dos. Are you loving having all these clothes that fit better now??

    That onesie just about killed me, by the way. It's reminiscent of so. very. many. of my projects.

    Freckles in April | a modest fashion and lifestyle blog

  5. Trying to stop laughing here in the 505! I love the onesie and it made me giggle, but the Simon photo is hilarious!!!! I forgot how CHUBBY he was!!!



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