21 March 2011

checking in from a furrowed brow, crinkled forehead haze of fun in St. Louis


I thought house hunting was just like House Hunters and Property see three feasible properties..ooh and ahh over the 'great use of space', 'open floor plan' and 'updated kitchen' (!!!!)....discuss the purchase over ice water, chips and salsa at a nondescript restaurant...make an offer...chew on cuticles for a few hours and viola.....

homeownership club be ours!!!!


something more like being horrified by a series of ugly house, semi-ok house, bad house with neighbor smoking with baby on lap, nice house with crotchety neighbors, nice house with 1.5 kitchen cabinets total...repeat repeat repeat 

onward and upward with our positive (yet skeptical) attitude pants cinched tightly...


we'll end on a happy note with some pre-trip photos of a sunshine bound Julia and her cruel mom...

sayonara for now!



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