7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume VI

01 April 2011

Joining Jen once again over at Conversion Diary for this week's quick takes

1. Demand and ye shall receive. I loved each and every comment yesterday (especially the inaugurals from my dad, grandma and husband)!
 Thank you for flexing those phalange muscles and putting on your nicest comment attire. Shame on those coolios who ditched out.  tsk times three.

2. Last night I took a little trip all by my lovely lonesome to Jo-Ann Fabrics because I was fresh out of thread. On my drive I bumped some beats from a radio station playing some sort of magical mix of top 40 dance/rap/trash/bubblegum musica loca. I loved every new (to me) song more than the last and as I pulled into the parking lot excited about the idea of maybe purchasing a pair of pinking shears I suddenly felt both 16 and 60 years of age all at once.
And now I will doggy paddle back to the shore as I am treading in deeeeeep thought waters here.

3. (Grace, delete this post before Julia can read photographs)
Call me crazy but I see a little bit of a resemblance here:

4. someone said this (honest) observance makes me a:
{female dog}

5. Last night as we were eating dinner I discovered (after 1.5ish years of marriage) that Simon does not like cooked vegetables. Not just certain types of cooked vegetables but ALL cooked vegetables. I don't understand. I won't go into the nitty gritty that the discovery entailed but let's just say that my non-creative bones are creak creak creaking as my mind reels at both the countless meals in which I have cooked vegetables for us and at the limited vegetable serving options my empty crisper drawer will have to think up for the next thousandish years. Not a mountain to hurdle but merely a more narrow path to enjoy (?)
 (guest editorial note from the man himself, "don't make it sound so dismal.")

6. Grasping at straws here...I know you want to read more about this skirt.
The skirt involved a nice, warm casserole of pleats, buttonholes and miracles.
Three miracles to be precise:
1. Fewer than 10 curses were uttered in the creating of this garment
2. Skirt completed from start to ugly finish all whilst Julia was napping (a weirdly long nap)
3. My sewing machine didn't bat one high maintenance little eyelash at the buttonhole workhorsing this nice.

7. If you are ever curious where one little Julia might be at about 5:30 every single morning post formula breakfast:
Right here.
All alone in her room left to her own devices while I go back to sleep for as long as her gleeful screeches don't infiltrate my dreams.
What a charmed little childhood she leads.

Have a fancy weekend!


  1. So, are we suppose to be commenting on every blog now..?? Or just the ones that you throw a temper tantrum on?? :)

    still reading!!!

    Btw, can you take in a shirt for me if I send it to you??

  2. that "female dog" you are supposed to be dresses and awful lot like a non Grace street walker... for your reputations sake you should make her a more appropriate outfit. (or send her J's new dress/bathing suit cover)

    keep serving up the veggies- Gabe loathes sweets... dessert every night, and guess who has finally warmed up to ice cream and cookies!?!?

  3. Psh, that dog WISHES she had lashes like J.

  4. If only that Bulldog had J's beautiful face! Gram has emailed me 3x and called once trying to figure out how to post a comment today! She wanted to say that her great grand daughter does NOT look like a dog!

  5. HA! such a nugget of sunshine she is.



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