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10 February 2011


bla bla.

bla bla bla.

When I woke up this morning and saw the sun poking it's pretty face out and about...I got really excited and ran to to check the temps for the day...with visions of me and Julia breaking free from our fevered cabin and maybe going on a nice run/jog/speed walk/slow walk. no. no. and no. Temperature was" -7 but felt like -18". Cruelty had manifested itself right here in Wichita. my passion I flew. Sewing....with my little elf in tow.

On today's menu: a pink and purple Valentines Day skirt complete with ruffles for little J and another t-shirt resized (my new weird obsesh/addiction-life changer) for big G. 

fancy wanted a parrrrrty.
and a party she got
 *the modesty police will be pleased to note that the skirt does indeed fall well below her little kneecaps

Simon was kind enough to give me a free tutorial on all of our little camera's capabilities.....
(top left...topknot gone very wrong....eagle's nest at best
middle right and just plain middle...demon eyes
camera's got talent)

we also have some bonus shots of Julia enjoying some big people food with her big person dad

We appropriately ended the day with a raiding of Joann's fabrics (fuel for my eternal crafting flame), an economy sized toilet paper purchase (after being questioned upon entering the store if I had a knife on my person....) and the blessed arrival of our first Amazon diaper purchase.


ah...and how could I have almost forgotten to tell you about the newest and shiniest blog from my good friend...Cait. Andd...if you are a fan of a good fashion won't want to miss this. 

Go forth and appreciate.


  1. you just crack me up.
    the bun? huuuuuuuuge. your hair is so long.

  2. I love love LOVE her arms. I wouldn't be able to resist biting them if I were in her presence. (I think I'm developing a weird obsession with the Patton ladies' arms...)

    The skirt is so effortlessly chic.

    J's face in the 2nd banana picture is exactly how I look after realizing I just ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's...

    Hoorah for daiper deals!

  3. hahah i like roxy's comment about eating an entire pint. the skirt is adorable, you are getting SO great at sewing. im not seeing the full effect of the t-shirt resize, i wish there was a clearer photo. i LOVE your knot. your hair looks thick and full of life.

  4. super cute skirt J!!! you should open a "resizing" your clothes post baby store... I know there is a ton of no longer, nor will ever fit me again ensembles in my closet that I neither have the talent nor time to resize myself... and it would save many a moms the time, energy and money of rebuying an entire (and uglier) wardrobe!

  5. Love the baby, love the clothes. But im confused why are you carrying a knife around?



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