the pattons do nature

15 February 2011

Simon introduced me to a nature reserve here in Wichita this past weekend. He reminisced about his old rollerblading glory days on the trails, Julia enjoyed her inaugural taste of snow and I loved every holy minute of warmish weather that had descended upon us lucky Wichitans.

We walked for 65 minutes, gave my lungs a coronary and my shins some serious splintage
enjoyed every placard and important reminder
contemplated the prairie plants
...took some family photos
and someone weaseled her way out of the torture chamber stroller

You don't need to tell me twice that if my career in sewing doesn't pan out...I will find success as a professional photographer. I am very well aware.


  1. and are those clogs? do you like them? i kinda do..

  2. this is only a fraction of my daily allotted Little Fat pictures! Perhaps tomorrow I could have a close up of a fat little face...a rolly arm?

  3. how cute are you! love these pics and your baby girls hat! xoxo



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