09 February 2011

Someone recently asked me what I do in my spare time ... which is one of the most annoying questions of all time. ... it's right up there with: 
a. what are your hobbies? 
b. describe your perfect day
c. how many kids do you want to have? -- 
all to which I internally roll my eyes and say:
a. breathing, showering on occasion and keeping Julia fat and happy
b. no
c. well, I forgot my crystal ball in the car but I would say around one milllllion. really. this person I would spare time? Just little projects like this:

Yes...I made Julia the most imperfect with no attention to detail dress that (for the time being) will have to settle for the unexciting role of Raggedy Ann's jumper as I did not take Julia's larger than average head into account and the dress will simply not fit...quite yet. I have a meeting set up with a potential zipper tomorrow..we'll see if it helps.
Also...I made the too tight skirt/leg warmer somewhat easily (that is not fully pictured because the pouring of my upper thighs into the ugly did not a pretty picture make) anddd finally the shirt...repurposed from being a size XXXL to a size suitable for grace. (and I'm just going to assume that you recognize Julia's sweatpants)

and...Julia's recent spare time fillers...
Playing with her ten newly discovered toys in the form of....bebe toes

reading a new book (averaging more than one sentence per page) to her favorite and captive (even if by force...bottom right photo) audience

ah...and she was a dutiful little model today and politely asked that I fashion her frock in the style of a maxi dress (looooong)
modest is hottest

and off I trot to make a delicious dinner that Simon will certainly rave about...without a doubt. . .

no rest for the weary

spare time shmare time.


  1. Modest is hottest. I remember teaching my daughter that. I'm glad Julia has embraced that notion. It's hysterical to see her standing up with the new skirt and reading to her adorable doll. Lots of laughs in the 505!

  2. If you slipped a pair of flats on bebe J, she would maybe start to float across the room reminiscent of one l.bounds of the previous 2265. I'm assuming that was your inspiration?? Float before crawl before walk.

  3. ok seriously? fourth picture (maxi) is my favorite expression thus far.

    flattest mommy tummy EVER. you look=fantastic.

  4. i love the dress you made. i also love the response 'no' to all of those questions. how many kids do you want to have?


  5. There is the post that I waited ALL day for!!

    Ha, J, Modest is hottest! She and ragedy look like they are really enjoying the company of a new frock and a new book. Camp Patton gets a gold star for productivity today (yesterday) love love love. C

  6. Haha that is annoying, thats like getting asked 'what do you?' as a conversation starter by every guy I have met in my adult life. How would I explain that I'm a professional blogger now? I think L.M. made a maxi skirt for goose once, yours is better.

  7. I'll trade you my boyishly narrow hips for your sinewy arms anyday.



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