Simon (and others) said.

07 February 2011

oh, did you just confuse me for James Dean?

1. Regarding the contents of a certain someone's diaper:

"It was the consistency of a Snickers bar."


2. After Julia had been bathed twice:

"Come smell her neck you think she smeared poop in them?"

3. After going the majority of the week sans car (thank you dead Jetta) I was let out of my cage and ventured out into civilized society with Simone and little J. I may have forgotten that we were no longer in the confines of our private residence and gotten a leeeeedle teensy bit carried away talking to Julia in a voice several octaves and decibals higher than your average mother bear. Simon (in a much lower and quieter voice) said...

"May I remind you that we are in a public setting right now?"


4. & 5. and today we have two guest speakers (whose names I do not know)

This past weekend Simon and I were helping with registration at an Engaged Encounter retreat...playing the least important role...showing people to their rooms...where to put their snacks...etc. I was carrying Julia around in her little carrier that I often wear. After showing a girl to her room she (I guess) came to attention and exclaimed,

"Oh!!! that's a baby in there!!!"

yes. Did you think I was a kangaroo and this was my joey?

and also...someone asked Julia (in their fanciest babytalk voice),

"Do you drink from a bottle or from momma's breast??"

I told Julia she didn't need to answer if she wasn't comfortable and thankfully she wasn't ... and didn't.


and completely you notice anything different.....?

M-a-s-c-a-a-a-a-r-a. She begged...and I am a firm believer in indulgent parenting.
 hasta manana.



  2. falsies are next, i hope. i REALLY think you need to start thinking about julia's career in beauty pageants.

  3. I cannot believe the NERVE that woman had to ask you, I mean Julia, about her eating habbits!!! I hope J morse coded "you are ridiculous" by batting her extra long and thick uber maybellined lashes at her!

  4. 1. Can Simon exchange coat for proper size?
    2. Was Julia also wearing lipstick? She looks angelic!
    3. Come on dead jetta! Can you get a new battery?
    4. Really love these posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So is it not ok when I ask random mom/babys if they like brest feeding or bottle? Good to know, I thought I was making charming small talk.



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