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23 February 2011

more transformalterations for your viewing or snoozing pleasure

my apologies. . .there just isn't much going on in Kansas in February

there is also not much mothersleep going on here either

this is what fourbleepingthirty in the morning looks like...
beauty queen

and here we have the little lady ready for our swift walk around the block
sporting her 'yes that is a bonnet not underwear on my head' hat


there was a time that I was somewhat of a larger lady. I spent a semester in college in Austria and managed to pack on a lot of pounds by way of mashed potato-ranch dressing-swiss cheese-cucumber sandwiches (before I knew what carbohydrates were), beer, nutella and peanut butter sandwiches, straight nutella and cashews. I actually weighed about the same after that semester as I did when I was 9 months pregnant with Julia:
 No bueno. Anyway...I have a lot of pants that I poured my large and happy bottom into around that time...there were even some that I couldn't even get around my kneecaps...that are now (thankfully) too large. These are an example of a pair that I couldn't even dream of donning:
believe it or not, these are actually Jcrew 'skinny cords' disguised as black Wranglers. size: extra flattering
and that shirt was purchased by my mother at Costco and I love it ..lion mane et al...but it is a little stretched out (a favorite when I was 5-6 months preg)

so...I nipped a lot off the upper thighs and slivered the calves down a bit....made the shirt a hair smaller to give us...
a very tired looking grace with her newly cuffed cords and new two dolla mom loafer/moccasins
(if you can't tell much of a difference....that is understandable)

ok and the next: a dress that I got on sale from Banana Republic a few years ago. It has pockets which is great but is incredibly unflattering and gives me cruise ship sized hips
Blue Whale

I had no choice but to cut out the pockets (due to my lack of expertise in the sewing arena) and just tighten up the sides a bit...add a belt and some shoes:
 Obviously not something I would wear to Mass due to the near scandalous length and I'm not in love with either ensemble but the dress is now wearable-ish.

Simon is usually my go-to man on deciding which accessories to wear but he claims he is at a please vote below if you would be so kind. I forgot to include 'who cares' and 'both are bad' options...

lo siento.

fat belt and buckle shoes or skinny belt and stilts?


  1. i thought i was over fat belts but i think with the now over-saturation of skinny belts, your fat belt does something pleasing to my eye.

    your transformations are excellent. i can't believe you just whipped up a pair of skinny jeans from a regular fit pair. and that white shirt looks AWESOME. i really really need you to show me. maybe you could do a tutorial? cause i dont think i can wait till march.

  2. LOVE the tshirt and skinny pants re-do. They both turned out super cute and look fabulous on you.

    As for the dress, maybe try belting a cardigan over it? I kind of like the wide belt and the second pair of shoes. Do they not go together? Hard to tell from the pic.

  3. Apparently I'm going against the grain b/c I like the first pair of shoes but prefer the skinny belt. Either way you continue to blow me away w/ your alteratin skills.

  4. Wow your alterations are awesome! Of course I just relearned how to thread my sewing machine the other day, so impressing me is perhaps not that impressive...but I can at least say I'm inspired!

  5. skinny-mini-itty-bitty-leetle-teeny-tiny Grace!

  6. The underwear bonnet is looking snug! Love the dress. You have Gram Seaton's genes on the sewing that's for sure!!!

  7. You look great!! I loved seeing your clothing transformations :) And you spent a semester in Austria?! My husband and I honeymooned there last year and it was so beautiful!

  8. i think both belts look great, but i voted skinny belt! (: i also love the tee, skinny jeans, and loafers look you have going on above! and your little one is adorable!



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