an apple, some alterations and so much more

21 February 2011

We've got a lot going on here today..bear with me while I trudge through it all...

First we present Julia enjoying the fruits of baby-led weaning...with an apple:
 such coordination and grace

 next on the docket: my weekly basketball brag on my little brother in the form of a (low quality but highly exciting) clip of Paul scoring the game winning, buzzer beating shot against the Horsemen in his last regular season game...(you should watch..only 21 little seconds)
Bravo. Take State, Huskies.

Whenever Julia finally goes down and successfully grunts herself to sleep (never not odd) for a nap or for the night...sometimes I can't help but channel my inner William Wallace  (maybe a little dramatic) and think in a simple roar...."FREEEEEEEDOM!!!"

Last night was no different. Simon traipsed off to beat his chest and play basketball while I had a girl (singular) night in with some Goodwill finds, the camera timer and the sewing machine. Insanity.

First I took this nothing fancy size large Target brand turtleneck (excuse my demon eyes in all photos..)
I did some nipping and tucking and cutting of the neck...
added a 99 cent belt....yikes...a little tight and gives me sausage arms improvement

The nice thing about this project was that when Julia woke up ready to party harty at 5 this morning ...she had some new toy scraps of fabric to add to her rapidly growing collection

moving on

If you haven't figured it out by now...I was home schooled (for grades 3-7...very key social years). When I returned to the confines of the traditional classroom in 8th grade...imagine my shock and horror when my fellow classmates were dating ('going out')...listening to music littered with curses and the girls were toting around Covergirl compacts....powdering their noses with makeup (!!!). Needless to say ... I was a real coolia with my large glasses, purple braces and Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. I wish I could say that I wouldn't have worn something like this skirt (proudly) paired with a French braid and a peasant blouse in sixth grade....
but I simply cannot tell a lie. So pretty.

So...after a lot of nipping at the hips and two large tucks to the hem ... we have this:
oh, weird..I think Anthropologie's design team is calling my flip cell phone. 
Just Kidding... I'm not sure if this is an improvement even with the addition of another 99 cent belt and it certainly isn't flattering ... I am still honing my skills. . . and please don't scrutinize my Dorito-shaped legs. They plague me daily.

And finally...Julia turned 5 months old yesterday. The weather was weirdly warm so we let her don shoes (the cutest shoes c/o Christine) sans socks and some spaghetti straps to show off her physique...(she fought the sweater for Mass but we usual)
To alleviate any fears that I chopped my hair into a bowl cut on the left...I included a shot of my rabbit tail on the right.

I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Aww, you both are so adorable!

  2. Very nice re-dos! They look awesome.

    And I can't believe she is 5 months already! Time flies, doesn't it?

    Freckles in April | a modest clothing blog

  3. i love the skirt you found! and i dont know how to take it in at the hips. i have a dress that needs this. help me.
    happy bday julia!

  4. Julia's peepers are mesmerizing. Her hypnotizing skills had me zoned and looking deeply into them for 48 seconds. Well done patton/seaton/simace genes! well done.

  5. Wow those pieces turned out really good! I sew, but I'm not creative with it. I was homeschooled too :)

  6. you did such a fab job altering those pieces! love it.

  7. One of your best blogs!! So glad you're enjoying that machine. Funny how times change, my generation was warned repeatedly never to let babies have apple or hotdogs because of choking hazard.
    You both look adorable!

  8. Im in awe of your sewing ability. unbelievable!!!


  9. so cute. seriously girl, you are also, i so want one of those bumbos chairs the next time i have a kid. do you love yours or what? :)



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