7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume 3

18 February 2011

As always, we are vying for the most topical Quick Takes blue ribbon. I'm fairly certain we will reign victorious.

1. My most practical sewing project to date: a wine bag
to house Julia's favorite vintage (anger struck upon the realization that the cork was indeed stronger than her gums)

2. Like the rest of the United States, warmer weather has shown it's pretty face here in we took an extra long walk around the neighborhood...
and of course our little butterball thought both parents needed a job: one to hold her and one to push her giraffe in the stroller and take totally natural digital photographs
so, we did...slicked back mom bangs et al

3. Not sure here. She was bored and I don't have a creative bone in my body so we had to settle for the old bandana on a large baby head trick. 
it was obviously a real scream

4. Simon came home early yesterday so we tossed our geriatric ways aside and put on our spontaneous (albeit fitted) pants and took a little road trip to a very small town zoo. . .
Apparently, all of the animals were native to Kansas...which would probably explain the diverse petting zoo:
llama/alpaca(?), pig statue and the meanest goose in the whole world

5. (this trip deserves the affection of two takes)
 the goose with the nastiest disposition had a real bone to pick with Julia
so, so gross

6. This pacifier clip has changed our lives for the better:
hours of entertainment and no more awkward moments in public when her pacifier falls on the floor and I don't want to be judged when I stick it right back in her mouth (as my brilliant friend, Adrienne says..."immunity booster!")

7. Julia has a serious happy screaming problem...sometimes she screams at the tippy top of her lungs for over and hour and it is a little bit disconcerting. So...of course I turned to my bff+e Google to assure me that she is normal (rest assured that she is--she is merely testing her language limits). In doing so...I saw a lot of my recent and embarrassing Google searches beginning with "b"...

baby acne
baby grunts when eating
bias tape
butcher hog
book of Mormon
butt cyst (we won't get into the details of that horror story)
burning calories one mile
beat winter blues (?)
breast pumping timing
best bottle nipple to transition from breast feeding
bh contractions vs. real contractions
best movie to watch (original)
best spring marathons (weirdly optimistic with my 12 minute runs)
bianca (Simon said no to that baby name...)
bear (?)
birth story
b chord

I'm can only imagine what a fun little trip the other 25 letters would be.


  1. It's always kind of awkward for me to see what else I've searched on. I tend to clear my history so no one knows what weird medical issues I've Googled.

    I love your hair, by the way. So pretty.

    Freckles in April | a modest clothing blog

  2. hahah. Hhahahaa. my fav is best movie to watch. i mean really?

  3. What an adorable baby you have!! She is precious!! I love her ruffle top!

    The Smith Circle

  4. What a cute little munchkin you've got there... ahhhhh :)
    Have a wonderful week darling!



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