Simon Says

16 February 2011

Today's Simon Says is proudly sponsored by bebe forearm and wrist rolls (and her forever serious expression and her cheeks that could easily house two cantaloupes):

1. Simon, Julia and I have been plowing our way, rather quickly, through Mad Men. The show is both highly immoral and highly addicting and has been the perfect substitute for warm weather night time walks and the happiness that warm weather generally provides. After watching season one and most of season two Simon said,

"You can start greeting me at the end of the day at the door with my house slippers, a martini and the newspaper. Thanks."

2. Simon humored me this weekend and let Julia and I take him shopping for some new jeans to add to his collection of one pair. After giving my approval on a certain (more fitted) pair he claimed,

"Uh, no. I had to shimmy my way into these and they certainly don't leave much to the imagination."

3. The other night I was trying to sew some sort of fancy fabric bad idea miserable failure of a valentine and Simon caught a glimpse from across the room. He later asked,

"Did I see that you're making me a loincloth?"

 oh, how did he know?

pretty and prettier


  1. are those the new jeans or the prior jeans?

    should i watch mad men?

  2. haha a loincloth. that is awesome. i bet simon would love it.

  3. whats with you ladies making us get the most "fitted" pair of jeans in the store? Btw do they make baggy jeggings?



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