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17 February 2011

Nothing fancy today. Just another bevy of photo collages illustrating Julia's extracurriculars.

favorite toys: scrap of fabric and Sophie the giraffe (thank you steph!!):
 Lucky Sophie gets an hourly bath courtesy of Julia's surplus of drool

helping mom in the kitchen
Right before and after she threw the bowl onto the floor and hid behind an alibi of measuring spoons

tries to squeeze into her jeggings
and blames the snug factor on her diaper

food, food and more food
green beans, banana and happpppiness
her favorite time of day
all that lean, sinewy muscle and stillllll not even kind of rolling over 

and as a bonus: Simon always manages to capture my pretttttiest moments:
de nada.

hasta manananana.


  1. haha i am very glad she still fits into them jeggs. what were you making in that bowl. it looks good and now im hungry

  2. So glad J likes her Sophie! I love the pants... Annabelle has a pair just like it.. I call them skinny jeans for fat babies. Can Julia seriously stand on her on/holding something?!?!? That is INCREDIBLE!!!

  3. love the jeggs! so stinkin' cute! my little one's legs are to chubby for them!

  4. ha. these keep getting better.

  5. My kids loved the Sophie giraffe too!

  6. Hilarious. Your blog provides a great deal of entertainment for me. I want her jeggings real bad.



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