7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume 1

04 February 2011

Fast times at Camp Patton here...being very official and linking up to Conversion Diary's weekly Quick Takes. We might win the award for most topical, shallow, superficial and bla headlines but...we are rolling with it anyway.

1. I logged into my favorite social networking site the other night and found this at the tippy top of my feed:
B wrote on K's wall: 
Hey I'm debating on commenting on mrs. Pattons status ...would that be weird!!!


2. Taking things a step further in the sleep-talking department..Simon has taken to sleep-laughing. Shoulder shaking, out loud laughing in his sleep. .. usually makes me wake-laugh and Julia wake-cry. win-lose. 

3. Is it just my hopeful imagination or do we have a little formerly bald but now sprouting some blond roots lady on our hands?
show off

4. She may be behind on her milestones and showing zero interest in rolling over but she is standing! 
with a lot of assistance
5. Speaking of sudden onset high maintenance one of them? Julia now requires all eyes on her, or a perpetual toy demo or a book reading during all of her wakeful hours. I hope this is merely a symptom of being an only child because I can only handle so many readings of the timeless classic, "B is for Bear" per hour. 
a day in the craziest life

6.  And here is our station for an embarrassing number of hours day and night and day and night...and day and looooooooong night...rocking and rocking and rocking andd roooooooocking.
super smug (never fails with Julia's inapprop hand placement)
7. Busting out my bermudas and modest swimsuit this weekend....a 43 degree heatwave is on its blessed way. Happy Super Bowl ......... go Packers...or Steelers!


  1. I love her too and she is definitely a blondie not a baldy. And congrats on going all official with Mr. Linky. I feel like your blog is in the big league now.

  2. pahahahah. these are good. keep up the good work, champ.



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